Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Hiatus

I'm facing a bunch of deadlines again, and I'm needing to back off from some things. Except for IWSG and the occasional Friday promotion, I'm going to be in editing cave.

Have a great summer!


  1. OK, it's IWSG day and I finally made my way back to blogging only to find you on hiatus. YIKES! Just wanted to let you know I'm back in Idaho. Yeah, a long story, but a whole lot closer to you now. Maybe we'll actually get to meet one day.

  2. I'm sort of on an unofficial hiatus. I was at cub camp last week, I have a reunion and two children's weddings plus Loads of writing to do. I see where you're coming from. Have a great summer!

  3. I'm the next cave over. Yell if you want to take a break and talk edits.


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