Friday, April 18, 2014

Cover Reveal - Rewind to You by Laura Johnston

Cover Reveal, About the Author, a Sneak Peek of REWIND TO YOU and Rafflecopter Giveaway

Genre: Clean Contemporary YA Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2014; Available for PREORDER now

One last summer before college on beautiful Tybee Island is supposed to help Sienna forget. But how can she? This is where her family spent every summer before everything changed, before the world as she knew it was ripped away.

But the past isn’t easily left behind. Especially when Sienna keeps having episodes that take her back to the night she wants to forget. Even when she meets the mysterious Austin Dobbs, the guy with the intense blue eyes, athlete’s body, and weakness for pralines who scooped her out of trouble when she blacked out on River Street.

When she’s with Austin, Sienna feels a whole new world opening up to her. Austin has secrets, and she has history. But caught between the past and the future, Sienna can still choose what happens now…

About the Author:

Laura Johnston lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and two children. Growing up in Orem, Utah with five siblings, a few horses, peach trees, beehives and gardens, she developed an active imagination and always loved a good story. Laura enjoys running, playing tennis, sewing, dancing (deduced to dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner these days), traveling, writing, writing and more writing, and above all, spending time with her husband and kids. REWIND TO YOU, her debut novel, was inspired by the loss of her father as a teenager.

A Sneak Peek of REWIND TO YOU:

Giveaway: Signed Copy of REWIND TO YOU and $25 Amazon Gift Card

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Danyelle Ferguson - Author Interview and Spotlight

My special guest today is the charming Danyelle Ferguson. We're both member of a writing group called Authors Incognito. She's got a new book out, Sweet Confections, but I have some questions for Danyelle first.

1. You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?

The Sea Sick Princess   (boats and I just don't get along)

Dang, I guess you won't be going with me and hubby on our next cruise, huh?

2. Who is your favorite secondary character in Sweet Confections?

I actually have two. Chloe - who is Graydon's speed-demon talking/texting cousin. She just makes me laugh, laugh, laugh. The second is Rachel's nephew Stockton. He has autism and is based on my son at that age. Stockton just makes me want to go back in time and snuggle my little guy some more.

I love when secondary characters have depth. I think it adds to the entire story, makes me want to read more.

3. What's you're favorite movie line?

"Brinkley! Here, Brinkley!"  (and your toes curl as you wait for Tom Hanks to come around the corner)

Such a fun movie!

4. Chocolate: milk or dark?

Absolutely milk chocolate!

You and I could split some bridge mix and both come away happy. :D

5. What project are you working on now?

I'm working on book two of the Indulgence Row series - Love Under Construction. This is Charlee's story as she breaks away from the construction company she's worked for since her teen years and goes out on her own to rehab the Indulgence Row houses into a charming shopping district. What Charlee doesn't know is that Peter (the boss's son) has had a long-time crush on her - and now that they are no longer co-workers, the way is free for him to pursue her . . . except for the many mishaps and bumps along the way.

I love the sound of these. I'm a girl who really enjoys SciFi and epic fantasy but I love me some good romances too. Congrats on the release of Sweet Confections! 

According to Rachel Marconi chocolate heals all wounds. That and throwing darts at pictures of her ex-boyfriend. Burned by yet another bad relationship, Rachel decides to reprioritize her life, putting her dream to compete on a Food Network Challenge on the top of her list and dating at the bottom crossed out in red sharpie. But what's a girl to do when a certain sexy guy keeps asking her out?

Cue in Graydon Green, a former pro hockey player turned restaurant owner. After a lot of persistent and humorous teasing, he finally convinces Rachel to commit to a date. Just when things begin to warm up, threatening notes directed at Rachel arrive. When her bakery is vandalized, Graydon's protective streak goes on red alert. Is it her obsessive ex-boyfriend stalking her? Or maybe a challenger trying to sabotage the competition?

Either way, Rachel is definitely going to need more chocolate - perhaps drizzled over ice cream and devil's food cake.

Also available on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBookstore.

About the author:

Danyelle Ferguson discovered her love for the written word in elementary school. Her first article was published when she was in 6th grade. Since then, she’s won several awards and her work has been published world-wide in newspapers, magazines and books.

Danyelle grew up surrounded by Pennsylvania’s beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Then she lived for ten years among the majestic Wasatch Mountains. She is currently experiencing mountain-withdrawal while living in Kansas with her husband and family. She enjoys reading, writing, dancing and singing in the kitchen, and the occasional long bubble bath to relax from the everyday stress of being “Mommy.”

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Third Ripple - Righting a Wrong

Today is the book birthday for the third
Ripple Effect Romance Novella,
Righting a Wrong.

With the release of Righting a Wrong, we're halfway through this fun series. I've been loving reading these books. I hope some of you have too.

You met the main character of this book in Silver Linings. Poor Jace was left in a tough situation but don't feel too bad for him. There were reasons things worked out the way they did. In Righting a Wrong, you'll find out why and see his happily ever after.

Seven years ago, Cambri Blaine fled her small hometown of Bridger, Colorado after her senior year ended in a fiasco. Only Jace Sutton knew the real reason why—that she was a spineless coward. Now, seven years later, her father's been in an accident and needs help, and Cambri has no choice but to return home. So with trepidation, she takes a leave of absence from the landscape architecture firm where she works and boards a plane, hoping against hope that Jace is no longer around and that the past can stay where it belongs—in the past. 

If only life worked that way. 

Jace never expected to see Cambri again. After she’d led him on, bruised his heart, and left town without a backward glance, he was forced to pick up the pieces and try not to hate her for it. Eventually, he put it behind him and moved on, creating a life for himself in his beloved hometown. But now that Cambri is back and looking more beautiful and sophisticated than ever, some of those old feelings resurface, and Jake instinctively knows, for the sake of his heart, that he needs to avoid her at all costs. 

If only it were that easy. 

The rest of the books will release as follows:
Book 4 - Lost and Found by Karey White - April 21
Book 5 - Second Chances 101 by Donna K. Weaver (moi!)- May 5
Book 6 - Immersed by Jennifer Griffith - May 19

Remember, while each story could be a stand alone, we do recommend reading them in order so you aren't spoiled, since they are linked.

Missed what this unique series is all about?
"Like a pebble tossed into calm water,
a simple act can ripple outward and have a far-reaching effect on those we meet,
perhaps setting a life on a different course—
one filled with excitement, adventure, and sometimes even love."
You can find out more about these books by clicking here.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Post - Inspirational Author Fay Klingler

I have a special guest today, Fay Klingler, with an interview and explanation about two spiritual books for mothers and daughters. 

Welcome, Fay!

I have two new books. One is fiction—I Am Strong! I Am Smart! The second is non-fiction—We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together. Both of these books revolve around the influence one generation has on another—grandmothers/grandchildren, mothers/daughters.

I Am Strong! I Am Smart! for ages 8 to 12 is fully illustrated (Christian, national). It is the product of my wonderful mother’s example. As a child, my mother taught me 100 ways to play Solitaire and Double Solitaire. She is still the life of the party when we play cards, whether there are two, four, or up to eight or so playing at once on each others’ cards. In this book I wanted to show how, no matter our age, we not only can learn from each other, but we can build each other up and help through the crises that come our way.

To my delight, I Am Strong! I Am Smart! received 23 endorsements before it even went to press. I hope mothers, grandmothers, and granddaughters, in particular, feel the “warmth” of this book and gain from it.

We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together started out as a non-fiction way to teach the same principles as I Am Strong! I Am Smart! But the book grew with amazing real-life stories and a clear mission to teach all women how important it is to truly live the Young Women values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This book not only teaches, it brings hope and encouragement and reminds us what an honor it is to be a woman.

I’m told by some reviewers that We Are Strong! Mothers and Daughters Stand Together is their first pick for Mother’s Day gift giving. I’m happy about that. But this book is meant for much more than that. The principles in this book are meant to be absorbed, committed to, and lived every day of our lives, forever.

The Books

 Every girl needs a mentor, someone she can trust to show her the way home to Heavenly Father. The stakes are high—as women of influence, how we live and how we teach Heavenly Father’s daughters will change the course of their lives forever.

Using compelling real-life stories from women of all ages, award-winning author Fay A. Klingler clearly defines how and why we must continue to live and teach the Young Women values.

We Are Strong! beautifully illustrates how powerful a faithful woman’s example can be.

Luisa May, known to her family and friends as Lu, loves to play games with her grandma. When she’s bullied at school, Grandma has a special puzzle for Lu to help her see how valuable she is—no matter what others say, or how much doubt she feels within herself. Soon after, Grandma has to go to the hospital, and Lu finds out Grandma needs help recovering. Then it’s Lu’s turn to help Grandma see how valuable she is—no matter how much doubt she feels within herself. It’s a beautiful parallel for young and old alike, as each age learns from the other.

Written and illustrated with loving hands, this delightful children’s story offers a heartfelt message that unites and bonds generations. From the award-winning pen of Fay A. Klingler, I Am Strong! I Am Smart! provides to women of all ages a reminder of the tremendous gift of “girl power.”

About the author
Fay A. Klingler, author and illustrator, is an award-winning creative and technical writer, as well as a sought-after motivational speaker for women’s groups. Her expertise includes successful patterns for life, betrayal recovery, and effective grandparenting. Her previous publications include A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God; Shattered: Six Steps from Betrayal to Recovery; Daughters of God, You Have What It Takes; The LDS Grandparents’ Idea Book; My Magnificent Mountain; The Complete Guide to Woman’s Time; Our New Baby; and A Mother’s Journal.

The Klinglers have twelve children and thirty-five grandchildren in their blended family. They reside in Draper, Utah.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April IWSG - Negative Reviews

Click here to find out more and to see a list of other IWSG blogs.
Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Short and sweet on my end. I know this is A to Z month, so I'm just going to share author Beth Revis's brilliant post about handling negative reviews.

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