Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Blog Break

My upcoming move is taking time and mental power, so I'm going to have to take another break. Have a great summer!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Meandering ... May 16th

First Meandering ...

Busy week but not a lot of words written. It's funny, sometimes, when I think I'm going to take a story one way, I'll be moving right along and suddenly hit a block. I realized last night I needed to change something but resisted. 

Once I finally gave in and decided to make that change, I was able to move ahead but then realized I needed some brainstorming related to the change AND I needed better motivations for the antagonist. *sigh*

Second Meandering ...

Saturday I attended a workshop put on by Tristi Pinkston who's the author of 30+ books, an editor, and now has her own publishing company--Trifecta Books. She has an excellent writing series called Write It Write. She's both entertaining and informative. 

I especially like how she can give good examples of when it's okay to do something you might have been told you shouldn't. Example; "was."

She had a couple of people come forward to demonstrate. One she had sitting, while the other she had preparing to enter a room where the first person was at. Tristi said that if she wrote (as one might think one should because one shouldn't use "was"): 

"Matt stood when Stephanie entered the room."

Matt would be sitting and then stand because Stephanie entered the room. So, Matt stood because Stephanie entered the room. Which means something completely different than:

"Matt was standing when Stephanie entered the room."

Third Meandering ...

Got to go see the grandkids who used to live in China and now live only 30 minutes away be in an Up with Kids play. Lots of fun to watch.

And the youngest grandson is walking now. He's so proud of himself

What about you? Learn anything new last week?
Do anything fun last weekend?
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