Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Sweet Kisses is Live!

The project I've been working on this year is finally live today. Woohoo! Here's a bit about Don't Kiss the Enemy, part of the Sweet Kisses Limited Edition Box Set. My contribution will be the first book in a new series, set in the same world as my Billionaires of REKD series.

Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes.
Twenty-one chances to fall in love.
Twenty-one happily ever afters.

Anyone who's read my Billionaires of REKD series will have met the male main character before.

It's Noah Kelly, who first made an appearance in Luck of the Billionaire, Book #2 and again in A Lass for the Billionaire, Book #4. He's an Irishman who discovers he's first cousins with the love interest of the billionaire in book #2.

In that book, Noah's just out of high school and is invited to come to the US to work for REKD Gaming while he attends college in Boone, North Carolina where the company's headquartered. This story spend some time in New York City.

Don't Kiss the Enemy takes place two years after that. It's the first in a new series called The Interns of REKD. It was going to be four books, but it's looking like five now. :D

Poor Noah put his trust in the wrong person.

As I did research for this story, I watched so many heartbreaking videos of women struggling with ovarian cancer. Because its symptoms are similar to other things women deal with monthly, it's often missed until the cancer is far advanced.

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