Monday, March 8, 2021

Who Knows What's Coming?

In nine days, I'll receive my second covid vaccine. We've made reservations for later in May to visit family members living in Hawaii, after having to eat our tickets last February.

I'm finding myself weary at the moment with this whole writing gig. It's truly a love/hate relationship. 

I love creating stories and worlds with interesting people doing fun things. It's a pleasure to dig deep into my characters' minds and personalities. I've learned so much through the research, and I love learning new things. 

There's one bit I don't enjoy. The part where I feel like I'm trying to please everyone. It's dragging me down and sucking the joy out of the creating. What's especially sad is that I just came out of another session of this downer mentality a week ago.

Haha I guess it could be worse. 

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