Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday Wanderings - May 17th

Wandering #1 ...

Sweet Contemporary Romance 
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Wandering #2 ...

London - Day 2

Windsor Castle was our first stop.

I love what they've done with the moat. This is part of the moat garden.

They had a fire in 1992 that did a lot of damage to the north towers.
It's easy to forget that they needed these mammoth walls for protection.

Our next stop was the lovely village of Bath. Anyone who's read Austen or Regency romances will know the Pump Room was a social gathering place. It's a restaurant today.

It rather boggles the mind that this part of the city wasn't that much different in Jane Austen's day.

 We visited the Roman Baths. Also something that played quite a role in Austen's day and in Regency romances. The Romans really built them over hot springs.
It's pretty cool the place is still standing.

Just don't really get in there. Or drink the waters like they did in Austen's day. *gag*

Our last stop was Stonehenge. They're huge.
It's humbling to be an American with a relatively short history
and to visit places where things are so old.

Wandering #3 ...

We finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I wanted to. One of my biggest complaints about the second Pirates movie was that they tried too hard to up the action from the epicly awesome fight scenes of the first movie. They ended up looking forced.

That's what I felt about some of the humor in G2. Some of it they hit dead on (for me--I recognize that people have different tastes in humor, and I heard plenty of people in the theater laughing when I wasn't). But, to me, some of it seemed forced.

Plus ... (spoiler alert--you need to highlight it to see my following comment):

Seriously?! Peter's father was a man-ho and caused his mother's death? UGH

I think the story's strength was its heart. I loved so many parts of that which I won't spoil here.

Anyway, have you seen it?
What did you think?
Did you stay for all the extra scenes?
I LOVED Peter and the teen Groot and what it foreshadows. 


  1. Good thing you didn't see Windsor your first day - you'd be so jet-lagged, you wouldn't remember it. It is wild to think how old some things are there, especially compared to here. (Or how much cheaper it is to see them!)
    Guardians 2 wasn't quite as good, but still awesome. I must be easily amused - I dug the humor.

    1. Well, some of the humor was great. It's not like I didn't laugh a lot. I just didn't laugh as much as others in the theater. lol

  2. Thinking about how old they are compared to here is mind boggling indeed. But yeah, I wouldn't ever touch that water lol Was good, but not as good as the first one I found.

    1. It makes me wonder what's changed that the water is like that now.

  3. What a lovely garden indeed!
    Did you feel the presence of magic at Stonehenge?
    I never liked Guardians in the first place, it just didn't make me laugh a single time and the songs were annoying, that being said, it wasn't overly bad either as most US films tend to be, it was just mediocre to me. That is why I ain't watching the sequel. But I will watch Wonder Woman for sure

    1. Wonder Woman looks awesome. Can't wait for it.

  4. SOOOO jealous of your trip. What amazing stops! Can you even imagine maintaining that garden? Yikes.

    As for Guardians, I LOVED it. Yup. It fit right in with mine & my family's sense of humor. And my goodness... Pacman? I almost died of laughter on the spot. I've heard a number of mixed reviews though. Truly, the theme was beyond beautiful and anyone who couldn't connect there, yikes.

    1. I know. The pac man scene rocks. That was hilarious. And Peter did say that he was going to do some crazy stuff. lol

  5. That contemporary romance does look sweet. You. Are. In. London? #DiesOfEnvy I've always wanted to go there! Well, anywhere but where I am actually. ;) There's so much romance & history in the images you've shared.

    1. The England part of the trip was great. The Scotland part of the tripped rocked. The difference? The people. The Scots were so friendly!

  6. They drank the water? You're right. Gag!!!

    I'm going to see the movie this weekend. Hopefully.

    1. I don't think they drank it as it appears in the picture. I think something must have broken since they're mineral springs.

  7. Oh, the moat garden is pretty. And I've always wanted to go to Stonehedge.

  8. Great pics, Donna. Some day, I hope to get there myself.

  9. Yeah, I'm not interested in diving into water that coloured like that. Nope. Anyway your pictures look great and it's clear you had fun on your trip to London, Donna.

  10. The texture of London is something even Disney can't duplicate. I love that city. So glad you enjoyed it so much.


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