Friday, October 28, 2016

Just in Time for Halloween!


Just in time for Halloween, here's a clean, ghostly romance novella for you in the spirit of The Canterville Ghost.
Lia Savage reluctantly puts her dream of opening a dessert boutique on hold to help her dad remodel a castle he’s inherited in Washington State. Soon, a specter targets her younger sister.
Lia enlists the help of strapping Coop Montgomery, the head gardener and her former crush. As they search together for a way to rid the castle of its ghost, the romance she used to dream about with Coop kindles. But Lia’s gentle giant means to stay in Washington while she’s determined to return to California. She must find the courage to face both the ghost and her future.
With Coop. Or without him.
Between Friday, October 28th and Tuesday, November 1st, you can get A Savage Ghost for FREE. And, if you own the Kindle ebook, the audiobook is only $1.99 more.

A Change of Plans is on sale for $.99 between now and November 3rd. Once again, if you own the Kindle ebook, the audiobook is only $1.99 more.

Lyn wants to move on. She just doesn't realize it will take pirates, shipwreck, and an intriguing surgeon to do it.

"Ms. Weaver pens an outstanding, epic tale of life, loss, and love! ... There are truly no words to describe how solid and endearing Lyn andBraedon are ... Their love grips the reader and doesn't let go for a second ...Ms. Weaver has created magic!" - Mimi Smith, InD'Tale Magazine

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  1. Can't beat a good ghostly tale!

  2. Congrats Donna. Facing the ghosts and an uncertain future can seem quite scary and unfair.

  3. Remodeling a castle? Sounds like a profession I should've taken! Congrats on the novella!

  4. Remodeling a castle??? You have so got me!


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