Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Meanderings - January 30th

First Meandering ...

I'm doing my first Goodreads Giveaway. It's for Teapots & Treachery, and I'll be giving away five paperbacks to people who live in the US. It runs through February 16th, so click on the Goodreads logo below and sign up!

Second Meandering ...

I'm part of a large promotion--not only can you get several free books but you can enter a drawing for Amazon gift cards. So click the image below to warm up your winter with ebooks!

Third Meandering ...

No. We're not in the house. Maybe later this week. We've started bringing over a few things.

Hubby put a tablecloth and flowers on a work table. 

But, of course, the Regency Romance Ball is next Saturday.


Fourth Meandering ...

Between packing and hucking & chucking things, I've tried to get in a little editing. Here's a short excerpt from Swing Vote, Safe Harbors #3.
“Zack, Kathy.” When Marc saw their eyes looking at him through the mirror, he said, “You’ll have to move fast. We have weather heading for us.” 
The nurse’s eyes widened a little, but all she did was check her harness again. 
“I’m glad base isn’t that far away,” Zack said.
Watching the dark, roiling mass of clouds, Marc agreed. He just wished they didn’t have to get fly into the storm to reach the ambulance there.
As they approached the ledge, his pulse calmed a little at the stillness of the air. But for how long? He gave himself a mental shake. It didn’t matter. They couldn’t—wouldn’t—leave that pair on the precipice to face the storm unprotected.
Fourth Meandering ...

I usually try not to wax political on here, but I'm troubled by some of the things that are happening in my country right now. Americans should remember that the White House is not the only power in DC. There's also the Senate and the House of Representations with our elected representatives. We also have the judiciary.

I'm not telling people how to think, but please avail yourselves of contacting your elected representatives about how you feel. They function best if they don't function in the vacuum of Washington DC.

Click here to find how to contract your representatives to voice your thoughts.

“If a person seems wicked, do not cast him away.
Awaken him with your words,
elevate him with your deeds,
\repay his injury with your kindness. 
Do not cast him away;
cast away his wickedness.” 
~Lao Tzu


  1. In other words, stop complaining and do something.
    Hope you get to move in soon!

  2. Nice sunny kitchen! Love the quote from Lao Tzu.

  3. I'm calling my reps a few times a week. Scheduled to call later today. It's annoying but necessary. Also, good luck with moving. It's hard! And good luck with the giveaway!!!

  4. Rather sad what is going on down there. Hopefully you get in soon. Wouldn't that be "fifth meandering" though, or can't I count? lol

  5. I enjoyed reading your meanderings. What a great hubby he is to make the kitchen warm and welcoming with flowers!

  6. Whaaat? I thought you've already moved in and are cleaning the house after the wild moving in party :)

    I'm puzzled by the Americans who are so shocked with Trump delaying some people flights and travels, but weren't shocked with Osama Barak and Hitlery Clinton bombing eight countries during his dictatorship and killing at least half a million people around the world too, not to mention all the tons of weapons he gave to Isis and the intercontinental exodus of people unseen ever before in history that he started that way. Where were women's marches, Meryl Streep and all these shocked people then? 'tis beyond my understanding....

  7. Good luck to the lucky people who score the giveaways you're doing! The kitchen looks lovely, even if it's just a work table. I am sure you'll be very happy to finally move in.

    Loved the excerpt, I hope you continue to find time to write and edit during this busy time.

    Politics is a clusterfuck, is my general opinion, regardless of who is in power or what country you're talking about. Doing something about it if you're unhappy rather than just sitting back to complain is a good call.

  8. That's a nice kitchen!

    Great advice on the politics!


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