Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Meanderings - May 9, 2016

Meandering #1 ...

My mind is buzzing with all the information I gleaned at the Storymakers 2016 writing conference. I got renewed by being around my tribe.

I also came away with more back problems. The chairs at that conference center HATE my tailbone (which I've broken twice). Ugh.

I must say that author Sarah Eden taught the best dang writing class I've ever attended. It was powerful and really resonated with me (and others who also attended). She wrote about characterization and how to go deep into understanding what motivates your characters. It was a two-hour intensive and she covered so much material and had us do a few exercises on our own characters.

There were two questions she kept returning to. "Why?" and "Why does it matter?" For any bit of information you might ask about your character, you should also ask those two questions.

The bigger the problems your character faces, the more emotionally removed the reader can get. When it gets closer to your character, it gets personal. And personal is what makes the reader care.

Bottom line: If the readers don't care about the character, they won't care about the book.

Meandering #2 ...

We've submitted our application for a building permit. Hubby and I need to decide on lighting, and I've also asked him to check on wiring for things like Internet and cable. Not that we have cable. I don't find it necessary when I have the Internet. They could break ground before the end of the month.

Time to start hucking and chucking things. Gotta downsize, you know.

Meandering #3 ...

Since I've been in the marketing zone this week for that Mother's Day Book Bash, I've discovered that a different part of my brain is active when I'm marketing vs when I'm writing. I've also been trying to do some promotional things. I thought this was fun.

It's time to refocus and get back to my writing. Big time.

What did you do this weekend?
See any good movies?


  1. it so rarely happens these days that we get appealing characters in books :( I've especially noticed that female characters in YA books these days are bland and unlikeable

    1. I get that. I've quit reading one quit famous writer because I found I didn't care about the characters she wrote anymore.

  2. Glad you learned so much at the conference.
    Good luck with the building - and downsizing.

  3. Glad you got so much out of the conference. And awesome that you're going forward with your new home. Downsizing always feels good once you've gotten rid of the stuff you don't need.

    1. It's the time it will take that's going to be tough.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time at the conference, Donna. I would love to attend one of Sarah's workshops. Wishing you a lovely week and good luck with the building work.

  5. I'm always so charged after being with a "tribe" that understands me without my having to explain writer angst, first draft exhilaration, or what waiting really means. You were so lucky to have that time.

  6. Conference sure sounds like it was grand. Good luck with the downsizing, that can be a pain.

  7. Hope your back makes a quick recovery, Donna. Glad you had a good experience at the conference!

  8. Even with action-packed books that aren't character-driven on the surface, I need to care about the character. I love going to conferences and learning so much from them.

  9. Wow, sounds like a great class! But yeah, those conference chairs usually stink.

  10. Glad you took some skills home with you from the conference Donna. Sorry about your back and glad you're staying upbeat.

  11. Sounds like a great conference. I always come back buzzing with ideas but my notes remain untouched.

    This weekend: I read, edited, repeat!


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