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My Audiobook Journey - Meet Tristan Hunt

Part 5
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So it's nearly at the end and, after all this time, the book was done. Once the finished work is submitted to ACX, it has to go through a final review process before going live. They tell you it can take 14-20 days. You'll get an email telling when that happens.

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Now, I'd like to introduce you to my fabulous narrator, Tristan Hunt (aka Jason Downs). He was a delight to work with and made it a great experience for me.

He's been performing professionally for thirty years. He has appeared in films (Racing Daylight, Clara's Heart, Hairspray), on TV (Saturday Night Live), on stage (Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest) and in commercials. His first paid job was a voice over at the age of ten, and he has loved recording ever since. His voice has been featured in film, in advertisements and in video games. He was also signed to Jive records and released two albums as a singer/songwriter, resulting in a top 20 hit in the United Kingdom. He began narrating books in March of this 2014 and has twelve releases available so far. Telling stories is something he truly loves to do and looks forward to doing for a long time to come.

He's agreed to answer a few questions.

How did you become a book narrator? Did anything specific prompt you to undertake this career?
Yes, I had spent the prior ten years working for other people and I wanted to be my own boss... as far as my time was concerned. Obviously this is a creative collaboration between myself and you, the author, which was also my objective - to do something creative.
You work as a professional actor; do you find your profession helps you in narrating books?
Absolutely. All my years of training and working go into these books... as well as all the books I've listened to myself, as a fan.
Torn Canvas is set in a lot of different places. What's the most interesting place you've ever visited?
Hmm... that's a toughy since I love to travel and learn about new people and places. I'd have to say Italy if I'm forced to choose. So many interesting and beautiful cities. So much history and struggle and invention and beauty.
What kind of studio do you use in narrating books?
I created a small booth in a closet at home. It's really all you need nowadays what with technology advancing as it has. It's quiet and gets the job done... although it can start to feel pretty cramped after hours of recording.
Is there a character in the book you related to the most and why?
Well I spent the most time with Jori, obviously, since most of the book was from his perspective... so I felt closest to him. We certainly share some personality traits. : )
Do you have someone else do the editing, or do you have the tech savvy to do it yourself?
I'm very comfortable with editing... in fact I prefer to do it myself because it's so important, but I have so much work that it's not always realistic to spend my time that way. I have a trusted editor that I use too.
How did you go about finding a distinct voice for each character?
I let the writing and the character inform me. Sometimes it comes right away and sometimes I play around with it a little... but they always present themselves. It's part of what I love about this work.
What have you enjoyed most about narrating Torn Canvas?
Getting to know these wonderful people who become a 'chosen' family. It's beautiful!

And here is a snippet of the Torn Canvas audiobook:


Do you listen to audiobooks?
If you're an author, do you have any of your books in this medium?


  1. Wow, your narrator is quite accomplished! Awesome you were able to get him for your book.

    1. Yes, I am. He's been really busy for someone who's only been doing audiobooks for a couple of years.

  2. Wow, he has done a lot. Wanting to be one's own boss is sure a good reason to narrate too.

    1. Helps that he's really good at it too. :)

  3. It's great meeting your narrator. I had no idea he could work in a closet. I thought it'd be a lot more complicated. I've learned a lot from your series.

    1. I've been working on the audiobook for HOPE'S WATCH, and I have done some research into the close recording studio thing.

  4. Such an accomplished person. :) You picked a pro. I always imagined studios, so it's interesting that one can use a closet.

    1. One of the benefits of having heard him do another book.

  5. Fun! I think you made the right choice, Donna. ;)

  6. Glad you found someone you love! I've heard that's the hardest part of the audiobook process.Very excited for you!


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