Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kiersey Combinatons

This is Part 6 of my series on personality types (character traits) based upon the Kiersey Personality Sorter. You can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

I've reviewed the basic, single personality attributes:
Extrovert (75% of the population)
Introvert (25% of the population)

Sensing (75% of the population)
Intuitive (25% of the population)

Thinking (50% of the population)
Feeling (50% of the population)

Judging (50% of the population)
Perceiving (50% of the population)

There are certain character traits that come from pairing just two of these.

SP - These people wish to be free to be spontaneous and act on a moment's notice. They believe life is to be enjoyed, should be fun and varied and full of excitement. They tend to live in the moment, are playful and light-hearted. With endurance and stamina, they are born adventurers and take risks, testing the limits of life. Routine jobs bore the SP but love tools and can see them as extensions of themselves. They're natural performers and can become frustrated when their current pursuits are blocked. In love, they look for shared activity and interests, wanting to explore new vacation spots or restaurants or way to keep the relationship fresh. They can be charming, witty, generous and warm.

SJ - These folks want the freedom to be responsible. Sensible, punctual, and practical, they believe in earning their way. They need to feel like they belong and can be unappreciated. Parental by nature, they like taking care of others and do well in fields like teaching, sales, business, and medicine. The bring stability and maintain the organization for smooth functionality. They tend to be rule-keepers. As for love, they are drawn to traditional and conservative views of marriage, expecting their mates to work with them. They tend to be loyal, faithful, and dependable. (I'm an SJ--the S because of my X--sounds like a dog to me.) 

NF - These guys need the freedom to seek out the significance and meaning of life. They want their lives to count for something. Honesty and integrity is important and they can be spiritual and idealistic. While wanting to authentic, they also desire unity with others. The NF makes commitments. Being communicative, creative, and people-oriented, they have the power to influence others. They often find work in "helping" professions, teaching, creative arts, and communication fields. In romance, they seek harmony. They are the true romantics, believing in the perfect love, and bring empathy, drama, and warmth to their relationship.

NT - The NTs desire freedom to use their intelligence, going after wisdom and knowledge. Life should make sense. They seek to control their environments by being able to predict them. Having a low tolerance for emotional or illogical  thinking (according to them), they can have a difficult time interacting with others. NTs have a drive for perfection and can deserve the title "workaholic". In love, they aren't looking for complex relationships, wanting the head to rule over the heart. They can be uncomfortable losing control to their emotions and don't like repetition. "I told you I loved you already. Why do I have to keep saying it?"

Remember when you took the Kiersey test? There were no right answers. It merely identifies how you view the world.

How often do your characters fit these descriptions? Are you consistent in your personality types? 


  1. Think I'm an NF (which I hope isn't short for Nerf) and Byron is a SJ. (Although he doesn't like working with others, but NT is way too strong for him.)

  2. So interesting how so many more people are extroverts and sensing. Great series, Donna.

  3. Wow on the number of extroverts compared to introverts. I didn't know it was so high. I thought it would have been 50/50.

  4. I find I have certain attributes of each one, depending on the situation, never knew there was that big a difference between intro and extro either.

  5. I'm so concerned worrying over how I fit these descriptions, I can't imagine even thinking about my characters yet.

  6. So fascinating! It's fun to think of my friends and family when I read this too.

  7. I'm definitely in the minority. Funny thing is, I don't think I've ever written a character with my same profile.

  8. Oh dear, I took this a very long time ago and it sounds like I've done a 360 or is it a 180? Have a nice Valentine's Day Donna!

  9. We do live in an extrovert society. Never realized it broke down like that 75/25. Now I want to go crawl into my room and be alone even more. :P


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