Friday, November 23, 2012

What Do You Do?

Urban Fantasy--Details
Urban Fantasy--Details
I promised myself that when I finished my NaNo project early that I would take a break from writing and editing, enjoy the holiday time with family and catch on my reading.

So, I've been doing that. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and managed to see or talk to via Skype most of the kids and grandkids. My brother called and I chatted with him and his wife for a bit. Went to see Red Dawn (loved it--much better than the original though it's still a story about war and people die in war) though what we wanted to see was the new James Bond film. Also saw Breaking Dawn 2.
Regency Romance--Details
Time Travel Regency Romance--Details

I've read two books and am three quarters of the way through a third. I'm getting ready to start on a fourth ebook. I have plans to go to two local book signings tomorrow and a dinner gathering of local authors.

Did way more than I have in the last several years by decorating the house for Christmas. I hate doing that alone, and this year I managed to get the hubby involved. It was fun again.

I have a confession to make. I'm getting antsy to edit. I find myself going to sleep or waking up with ideas. But I've got another WEEK.

I love being able to spend so much more time reading. But it's usually a guilty pleasure, and I can't quite shake that feeling I should be doing something else.

How do you handle the adjustment to a forced vacation from writing?


  1. Lucky! I have Nano hanging over my head. I have never been able to write the 2-3 thousand words a day that I did last time. That book was a sci fi book in which I could make up anything I wanted. It was easy to write and speedy going. This time, however, I'm having to be proscribed by the book being set in a specific place (Ecuador--a place my daughter went to on her mission but I've never been to), a modern time period, and it's sort of a love story between a missionary and the girl he baptizes. But then again it isn't. He's being a very good missionary, locking up his heart. So it's tricky and I really have to work this with kid gloves.
    Add to that that I now go swimming three times a week and have 1 or 2 27-mile trips to take my son to work every day. It seems like I announced I'm writing a book and everyone lines up to make it impossible to do.
    I'm still plugging along at 32 thousand words and change.
    How nice to have it behind you and be able to enjoy the holidays with your family. My hubs thinks I should just stop. He can't imagine why I keep pounding away at it. He thinks this writing thing is a total drain. Someday...someday he'll eat those words he's thinking.
    Alright. I'm done whining. Back I go to Ecuador...;o)

  2. I try to keep working on something, so that I've got some kind of writing happening, be it tweaking and playing with an old short piece or failed longer work. This has been a funny month for me, though, as I haven't done a huge amount of new writing, and I'm missing it.

  3. Okay to work on something here and there, sounds like you had a nice break, although twlight, ewww haha

  4. It's hard for us writers, any artist I suppose, to take time off from what we feel we were born to do. But regular breaks are okay, and holiday breaks are really okay.

    I'm taking a break from writing right now. How long for, I'm not sure. Possibly till January. I'm busy trying to complete my drawing portfolio for my drawing class. That will keep me busy for the next week. But, writing is always in the back of my mind.

    You can take the boy/girl out of the writing, but you can't take the writing out of the boy/girl.

  5. It's weird not working on my latest right now. Been playing my guitar a lot more. Like you, I have some books I want to read. And my weekend movies were Life of Pi and Lincoln.

  6. I didn't even look at the book covers, but like you I like to read when not writing, but generally it starts the brain cells rubbing together and pretty soon, I'm back at the computer.

    When you get a minute tell me more about 'Dragon'. I'm considering it and want to know first hand what you think.

  7. If you want to edit, you should go for it. I believe you should listen to your muse and do the work she wants you to do!

  8. Maybe you've given yourself enough of a break, read enough, partied enough, and it's okay to dive back in. I realized that the longest I've gone not writing or revising since I started my journey is 4 days (after having a baby) and so I have a goal for a whole glamorous week of reading and bubble baths and movies. But not until I've done my 1st round of revisions of my Nano-if I don't look at it now I'll decide it's a failure and not have the courage to pick it up again.
    So interesting how as writers, our processes are all so different.

    Good luck to you enjoying your self imposed break:D

  9. Have you read The Actor and the Housewife yet? Get on it! :)

    Miss you sprinting. Think of me still typing away....

  10. Oh Donna... I totally struggle with this! Gosh... I don't have the answer. I have such a hard time reading---because I want to be WORKING... and this is even when I know reading is improving/helping me--but still. I get this!

  11. I used to get antsy, but now I enjoy the break. I like to get up and move around (running on the treadmill with my Kindle is so convenient). Sitting and typing all day is killer on my metabolism. :)


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