Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review - The Ember Gods by Andrea Pearson

From the back of the book:
Jacob Clark has just returned from the world of Eklaron, where he frustrated the evil plans of the Lorkon and returned the magical Key of Kilenya to its rightful owners. His quest is far from over, though—Aloren is trapped in Maivoryl City by the Ember Gods, and Jacob can't return to save her until he receives the potion that will protect his team from the corrosive influence of the Lorkon.

Balancing between this new world and his own proves tricky. Not only has he started his first year of high school, but his magical abilities are bringing him too much attention. He feels pulled by both sides, hoping he'll figure out his special powers to save Aloren in time.

Poor Jacob. He thought things were challenging in book 1, The Key of Kilenya.

There's only a break of a couple of weeks between the end of Key and The Ember Gods, but he's got even more to deal with. Still carrying the burden of the friend left behind at the end of the first book, he's got to juggle things he didn't in his last story, when he was able to focus all his attentions on his quest.

Now he must learn patience. He has to wait on others to put things in order for a rescue mission. Real-life obligations now that school has started must be balanced with his responsibilities in Eklaron being that he's the only one able to use the power of the Key. Amidst homework, self-defense training, trying to be noticed by the basketball coach, searching for potion ingredients, the unwanted attention of a girl at school, and staying out of the way of the creepy, power-seeking Lorkon, Jacob's getting less and less sleep. It's taking its toll.

And don't forget the secrets Jacob didn't know were being kept from him.


  1. An excellent review Donna I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

    Enjoy your week-end.


  2. Thanks for sharing the Review, and Happy Saturday to you ...

  3. Thanks so much for the review Donna! Have a great weekend!

  4. Great review! I will be giving it a looksy :)

  5. Great review. Sounds like a great series.

  6. That's a killing blurb and cover. Awesome review! :)

  7. Oh, Donna! I just found this here. Thanks so very much for your review!


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