Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TAGGED Possession and Taking on the Poetry Challenge

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Oh. my. heck.

You do not even have enough hours in a day for the times when I broke the rules when I was little. I had my first cigarette when I was five. We were living on South Post in Seoul, South Korea and some friends and I got a cigarette off a Korean guard.

Our parents all smoked. Why not us?

Well, somehow my dad got wind of what we were doing and came racing up where were we at.


He took me right home, and I had the privilege of smoking an entire cigarette all by myself.

Green, anyone?

Need I say I've never found them to be appealing since? It didn't help that one time I saw my mother, whom I greatly admired, digging into an ashtray for a butt because she'd run out. I decided right then and there that no object was ever going to control me like that.

And then I met chocolate ...

Poetry Challenge

Fine. I'll do it. I figure anything that stretches the old gray matter is good, right?

I've decided to participate in Dan Well's #PoetrySummer. My friend Robin Weeks has been posting about it (she a brilliant attorney and aspiring writer, so why am I not surprised?), and somehow I just got sucked in. *sigh*

Since I'm running a little behind (and I like silly, funny poetry as much as more serious, cool stuff) my WEEK #1 contribution is a poem I memorized as a young teen (author unknown)--and the fact that I can still remember it is truly amazing:

Love is a peculiar thing.
It's something like a lizard.
It wraps its tail around your heart,
and crawls into your gizzard.

Playing catch up, here is my WEEK #2 poem (also left over from those ancient, early teen days), once again the author is unknown (maybe my Girl Scout camp leader in the Philippines?):

I love you.
I love you.
I love you, divine.
Please give me your bubblegum;
you're sitting on mine.

Isn't this great stuff? I think I can do this!

Oh, yeah. 

I'm going to have to start memorizing them now. *sigh*

I need to select some (very short) poems for the rest of my weeks of summer. Any suggestions?

If you'd like to participate in Dan's challenge, you can participate on Twitter using the hashtag #PoetrySummer.


  1. Hm, short poems. How about lullabies? Or ballads?

  2. 5 years old? Holy crap that's young. I thought I was young at 9.

  3. Those are awesome poems! I'll keep an eye out for fun short ones for you!

    Yay! Donna's playing!!

  4. "...and then I met chocolate." Ha!! :) Yeah, cigs never appealed to me either. One try in highschool was plenty.

    Love the poems, so fun!! Limericks are nice and short.

  5. A cigarette at 5? Eeewwwww...

    And summer camp poems are the best!

  6. Hi Donna great to meet you via Alex's blog fest. Seems like you take on heaps, I'm struggling to fit it all in. Glad you swapped the ciggies for chocolate - much better choice and I absolutely love the bubblegum poem! Great to be connected.

  7. Great rule-breaking post! And I LOVED those silly little poems!

  8. Cigarettes? At five? Wow. Now that's an experience to blog about. Thanks for joining us.

  9. I have to say, I gagged a little just thinking about the cigarette to yourself. Ugh! lesson learned!


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