Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Tag!

I know. I seem to be posting about being tagged at lot this week. But speaking of yesterday’s post, don’t forget to check out amazing Elana Johnson’s Possession bloghop. Check here for details.


Today is actually to thank Donea Lee for tagging me. You should go check her out if you don't know her already.

I’m supposed to answer some questions and then tag some others. Here are my answers to the questions posed:

1.  Do you think you're hot? 
2.  Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment: 
From my trip to Kaua'i last June. That's one of my grandsons on the right at Lydgate Park.
3.  When was the last time you ate chicken? 
Lunch yesterday (grilled in a mesquite with lime marinate—SO good!).

4.  The Song/Songs you listened to recently.
I listen to or stream a local radio station. What’s playing as I write this is Secrets by OneRepublic, Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz, and Rhythm of Love by Plain White Ts (love these guys).

5.  What were you thinking while doing this? 
Can I get this done in time to work on my ms?

6.  Do you have nicknames?  What are they?
Mom and Nana

7.  Tag 8 blogger friends:

Who are these people?
#1  Canda is a new blog friend. She’s got a month of giveaways going on in June on her blog, so you should check it out.

#2  Ellie is an awesome SciFi writer from the UK and always posts fun and interesting stuff about writing and about her projects. I think she groks Spock.

#3  Everett is a writer I met on Twitter, who’s been very kind and supportive. He’s pleasant to chat with and more than willing for retweet tweets. Twits. Uh, whatever they’re called. =D

#4  Laura is an author, who also does writing craft posts including fun digital drawings for visual effect. You ought to check out her blog and see what she has there for you.

#5  L.G. is another writer I’ve met around the blogospere. Not only does she post interesting and fun things (and has an awesome blog name—Bards and Prophets—that just makes me want to sit down and talk to her in person), she adds great comments.

#6  Stephanie must be a nerdfighter because she has awesome in her genes. She’s an author (I’m reading her Whitney Award winner ‘Cold as Ice’ right now and loving it) AND she used to live in Ireland! Having just returned from a trip there last April, all I can ask is how lucky is that?

#7  Melanie is in one of my critique groups on David Farland’s Writers groups. She’s another very supportive online friend and said the most touching thing anyone has ever said about my firstborn (book, not child—he lives in China right now).

#8  Robin is our illustrious group leader in my other critique group at David Farland’s . She stayed at my house and dragged me around with her (talk about sociable) at LTUE last February. Better move fast to keep up with her. She writes wonderful, insightful, challenging posts on her blog, and she cohosts Farlands’s Authors Advisory. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you should do it.


  1. Fun tag! I enjoyed listening to the music...thanks for that. I'll have to try the streaming radio sometime.

  2. Love that music video, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Donna! You're too sweet. I love the story and can't wait to see it in print!!!


  4. I don't know how you tagged me. I'm usually a faster runner than that. :P

    And it doesn't matter what I'm doing either; I'm always wondering if I'll have time to get to my ms.

    That cat picture is purrfect.

  5. Love the ocean picture!! I would love to play there.

  6. Ooh, I want to vacation in Hawaii and swim in the ocean by cool rocks! thanks for tagging me--and sending your friends to my blog too!

  7. HEE! Love the cat picture. :D

    Thank you for all the lovely things you said about my blog. ^_^ I'll try to play tag sometime next week and check out the bloggers on your list that I don't know. :D My out-of-state move is in two days and so I'm a little crazed trying to finish packing and everything.

  8. Aww! Thanks! I had so much fun dragging you around at LTUE! You were such a good sport about it, too. :)

  9. Guys, I love that cat, too. It was too perfect to pass up.

    Robin, it was so much fun being dragged around LTUE, too.

  10. Donna, it was fun getting to know you better. Sounds like you've done some serious traveling. I also enjoyed the ocean photo and music. I'm not a cat person but the photo was choice. Have a great day!

  11. What a gorgeous photo. Mmm. Lime marinade sounds wonderful.

  12. thank you so much for thinking of
    me! if things keep improving i should be back sooner than i expected =)

  13. I love these tag posts - it's lovely getting to know bloggers a bit more. The song is stunning!

    I've just done my tagged post because L'Aussie tagged me last week, but I'm going to amend it and stick your name on there as well.

  14. Donna, thank you so much for the tag and for the kind words! I'll get my answers to the tag questions up on my blog this week.


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