Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogging Challenge X (marks the spot)

In the third Indiana Jones Movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade there's a scene in Indy's classroom where he tells his students that X almost never marks the spot. And in a lovely poetical moment later in the film X, indeed, marks the spot--or in this case the Roman numeral for 10 (aka X) marks the spot.

It was was clever way to make a sometimes arrogant Indy eat his words.

Have you ever had to eat crow? How about your characters? Are you one of those mean writers who sets up your character's credibility only to crush it with a humility smack down?


  1. I have a fun protagonist in my WIP, but he's a little arrogant at times (socially awkward too). I have a female character that puts him in his place a time or two :) Love those Indiana Jones movies!

  2. I do sometimes put my characters in a position where they're sure they're right--and then it ends up they aren't. :P

  3. Yes, definitely have some scenes like that too. Love your x word theme and how you combined it with the Indiana Jones movies. :)

  4. When writing screenplays or coming up with new project ideas, I like to give my characters a reality check sometimes or show them the errors of their ways but rarely do I ever deliberately set them up smack them down. That would be kind of sadist and cruel, wouldn't it?

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  5. It is a great moment in the movie. Have I ever had to eat crow? me never :)

  6. Great example of how you can set something up early in a story and have it payoff later. Very clever.

  7. crow is a delicasy in my world LOL


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