Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Publishing ... Do It Yourself?

Lately there's been a lot of talk about how well some authors like Amanda Hocking have done self publishing electronically. Check out this article.

It sounds incredible! Her numbers are jaw dropping. Why wouldn't writers who are confident in their craft, but haven't had the luck of good timing in their genre/theme or been able to convince the right agent to champion their books, desire this?

I've had my own reservations because last September I attended a seminar at UVU that that provided some great information about self publishing, which I talked about here. One thing I took away from the training was how much work is involved in self publishing. Not just in being your own publisher but also being your own marketer.

Well, Amanda Hocking addresses that issue in her blog here. I especially like this comment
So much of what people are saying about me is, "Look what Amanda Hocking accomplished in a year," when they really should be saying is, "Look what Amanda Hocking accomplished in twenty years." Because that's how long I've been writing, that's how long I've been working towards this goal.
Sounds a little familiar to me. Like the old Hollywood stories of the actor or actress who was discovered and becomes an overnight success ... but fails to mention the years and years of hard work in training and taking small roles that led up to the discovery.

Committed writers shouldn't give up their dreams of self publishing, but it doesn't hurt to go into the effort with your eyes wide open.


  1. I think the marketing would be the hardest part of self publishing and you're right, lots of times we don't see all the hard work that goes into success.

  2. I still prefer the traditional route of publishing. SP is not an avenue I plan to explore.

  3. Patti and Donna, I know the author is somewhat involved in the marketing anyway, but self publishing is much nore than showing up when you're told to. I think this aspect of it is the things that discourages me the most about trying to be self published.

    Well, except for the two copies I could get done at the local print shop just so I have them.

  4. Yes, marketing would be the hard part for sure. Especially if you work full time, part time, have children to take care of etc. that prevents you from giving it your all. Not to mention the funds needed to do good marketing.

  5. Yes, Kimberly. And what about having time to write anything else?

  6. Phew, no. I don't think self publishing is my route. I want to enjoy being published and have time to write more! Doesn't sound like SP gives you either! Ha!

  7. I sometimes think there are writers who absolutely want to be published and have tried and tried and tried (trained, practiced, taken classes, etc.)--yet feel they could have a market if someone would accept them for publication--might see self publication as a way to get something out there so they can be discovered.

  8. Thanks for your post. It should be of great interest to all authors. Let's face it, most debut authors do almost all their own marketing anyway.


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