Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Need a Time Turner

I love goal setting. It makes me feel in control of my life and helps to keep me focused, when I begin to drift. This is especially true as I get older. I've got friends looking toward retirement in a few years wondering what they're going to do with their time.

Really? Really?

I don't have enough hours in my day for everything I want to do and, unfortunately, as I age that time seems to fly by so much faster and the time it takes me to do something so much longer. I want to grab a time turner (thanks Jo), and be in two places at once. Imagine what I could accomplish in my day?

Who needs sleep anyway?

I say this as I continue to work on the proof/edit of WIP #1. It still amazes me that it looks so differently on paper than it does on my monitor. It's like reading a book.

Did I really just say that?


  1. Squee for reading your own book! I could definitely use a timeturner...

    and a house elf!

  2. Reading my writing on printed paper (and even a different font), always helps.

    It sort of fools my brain into thinking it's by someone else and lets me read a bit more objectively.

    It's great because sometimes I think I did something well and for the not so good? Well, at least I can spot the clunkers and change 'em.

    Oh, and in my house, I'm the one they call Dobby! But a timeturner is definitely going on my birthday wishlist.

  3. Haha, Suzie. It truly was surreal when I took the pages from the copier and the words were MINE! Ack!

    Ian - that's absolutely brilliant! Seriously. We do city council minutes at my day job, and one thing we watch for is the proofing thing (there's nothing like a councilmember finding a typo in a public meeting). When I read your comment I immediately shared it with my deputy, and she also thought it was brilliant.

    And ya gotta love Dobby.

  4. I want a time turner, only I would probably get confused and forget what time I was in and mess something up somehow. :)

    Why is it that it always looks different when it's printed to when it's on the computer? I just printed one of my novels for editing, and it seems so much more real when it's all in paper in my hand than just on my computer. I wonder why that is?

  5. Hi Donna. I just found your blog today, and joined. I'm Ivy. So nice to meet you. Very funny about it being like reading a book. I am working on a draft now, and it's printed and I love having it all on the page. So exciting.

    Great to meet you. Happy Writing and of course, Happy Eating.

  6. Amber, it does seem so much more real, but as much as that should be a no brainer, it hadn't occurred to me that it would feel that way. My characters are "real" already in my mind--and on my comp. I didn't think there could be more. =D

    Ivy, nice to meet you too! I think perhaps the surprise for me was having worked for nearly a year with the digital version. Makes me wonder how published authors who feel about their paper works as opposed to the ebook versions.

  7. I'd love a time-turner too, to spend more time with on-line friends! :-) Good luck with the book, Donna xxx

  8. It is definitely different reading your stuff on actual pages...it always seems like I can catch errors better when they are in the physical.

    If you happen to find a time turner (maybe Ebay?) let me know--I could use one too.

  9. I'll be sure to do that, though I think the Noble Collection probably has one. Trouble is, it doesn't work.

    Bummer, huh?


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