Saturday, September 28, 2019

Thought for the Week - September 28th

We went on a cruise to Alaska last week. I've visited (and lived in) a lot of different states and countries in my life but never Alaska. I learned a lot. For one, I never knew it was a rainforest.

But I also saw something that really struck me. Below is a picture I took of the Mendenhall Glacier while in the visitors center. Notice the sign at the bottom and see how far it is from the glacier. If I'd visited there in 1935, standing at the spot, I'd have touched the glacier.

That's how far it's receded.


  1. I bet that was a trip of a lifetime.
    That's a lot of melting. Like the ice age in reverse.

  2. Never knew it was a rainforest either. That sure melted a lot. Wow.

    1. So much melt. And that's a problem they're having all over the world.

  3. Replies
    1. They're worried about it. Not the glacier as much as the impact of all that melting fresh water.

  4. Alaska is a beautiful place. I'd love to visit!

  5. The marine guy in Aliens and in honor of Bill Paxtons memory, I believe he says "its game over man - now what are we going to do?" which seems appropriate because we should do something right now. The ice is melting and too fast and folks are just sitting around debating, talking and hoping.

  6. My husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise about 15 years ago — Glacier Bay. It was lovely, and I especially enjoyed your pictures. Although . . . it's quite sobering to see how much the glacier in this picture has recede.


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