Friday, March 2, 2018

Piracy Update

Do you know any of these authors? I've attempted to contact them all. I've confirmed that four of us have been pirated by this Digital Unicorn Bay "publisher."

It wouldn't hurt to check with any author friends to have them check iBooks for pirated works there.

Sadly, my pirated book is still on iBooks.

Some of us are tweeting about it and could use some retweets, if you're willing.


  1. I need to check for my own. Very nice of you to contact those authors.

    1. Good idea! I'm hoping iBooks will shut this "publisher" down soon.

  2. Hopefully they won't just sit on their hands and get rid of the publisher soon.

  3. it is like Don Quixote fighting against windmills, dear

  4. I used Blasty a few times to get rid of postings of my books on pirated sites. It's non-ending. I finally gave up. There's something new in the works on the publishing front, and I hope when it comes, these sites will disappear.


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