Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Wanderings - September 13th

First Wandering ...

Some years ago I did a whole series on the Kierey Personality Sorter, so I found the following article interesting.

It compares genres with the sixteen personality types. Are you writing the right genre, according to yours?

As for me, they got it partly right. I test dead even between the ENFJ and ESFJ.

Me writing romance as an ESFJ fits. 
Me writing literary fiction as an ENFJ? 
Don't make me laugh! :D

Second Wandering ...

Hubby has been working hard to get the yard in. It's quite a large yard since it's for a twinhome. He worked like crazy to help his brother get his side done in time for their family reunion in July. It's tough for older people to do some of this stuff, and his brother's health is not good. He's having hip replacement surgery next month.

Anyway, hubby got our side's sprinkler system in and the sod laid, thanks to family and friends.



Third Wandering ...

We saw the movie Dunkirk last weekend. It was ... different. It felt a little clunky in its execution, but I still found myself sitting on the edge of my seat most of the time.

Have you seen Dunkirk?
What have you been up to this week?
Do you have plans for the weekend?


  1. Yard is looking good.
    I thought Dunkirk was excellent. Very realistic. After Memento, I'm used to the way Nolan time jumps in a story, and I thought that made it really original.

    1. I guess I"m dense because I didn'teven pick up on the fact that they were time jumps until a coworker and I were talking about the movie.

  2. Yard sure is coming together. Haven't seen Dunkirk yet, maybe when its out on dvd or netflix or something.

  3. Plans for the weekend: Writing, Netflix, Bed. The yard's really coming along. All the best to your family Donna. I got ENFP-A: The campaigner. I think it really gets me.

  4. Glad your husband had helped with the lawn. It looks great. No haven't seen this movie yet. No big plans this weekend, though may go to a party on Sunday.

  5. did they leave some holes for lil' bunnies?

    1. That soil is clay and so hard to work through. I'd rather have bunnies than gophers. :D

  6. I find those personality tests so interesting, and I have a couple of writer friends who have gotten really into the subject in an academic sense. Though, I myself haven't gone quite that far.

    The yard is looking great! I haven't seen Dunkirk yet myself but I've heard some good things. Having said that, I'm usually not so partial to war movies ... they get repetitive after a while. Unless there are superheros involved #WonderWoman

  7. The house is coming along great! Looks good.

    I saw Dunkirk this summer. My on had warned me that it was a movie without a traditional plot, so I wasn't thrown by it, but would have been otherwise- probably.

    Movies like that remind me that today isn't so monumentally bad. The 40's must have felt like end times. I think the 40's was also a record -breaking decade for hurricanes. (I didn't fact check that thought- I'm going on memory, so don't quote me!)

    1. "like end times" Perfect description of those times.

  8. I really enjoyed Dunkirk myself. As for the personality test, I'm definitely a "Champion" personality:)


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