Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday Wanderings - March 22nd

First Wandering ...

All Things Mystery!

This is for those of you who are members of Kindle Unlimited. Don't know what KU is? It's Amazon's own lending library. It is something you pay a fee for every month but ... you got it!

You get unlimited access to that library.

There's a promotion going on right now to bring attention to specific mystery/suspense titles on KU.

So, free reads for KU members! 
BUT there's also a bonus that's open to everyone, and not just KU members. 
Follow the link above and check out the details at the top right of the page

Second Wandering ...

Years ago, I heard this and found it to be true:
Your grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children. 
Seriously, if I'd known grandkids would be so fun, I'd have started with them.

As you know, we just built our retirement home. On the left is one grandson helping his Papa move a pile of dirt out front.

On the right is another grandson, helping move bricks we collected when they demolished an old building on our site. This little guy is almost two.

Third Wandering ...

I've always loved things in miniature, and I love all things fairy. What better than to have a fairy garden then. I had one at my old house. I have plans to do things with the two young ladies on the left to create fairy garden pots at the new house.

Above is a collection of fairies I have at my day job office. I've collected them from various locations over the year. They will NOT be outdoors and subject to the elements.

If you do Pinterest, I've got a Board there with fairy garden ideas. Click here to see some of the things I'm considering. What do you think?

Once things are settled, the girls and I will have sleepover where we can build some of those cute things. There are so many fun ideas, and it's something we can grow over time.

My granddaughter on the left told me last weekend that she's been saving her money so she can buy things to make a fairy garden for her house.

Do you garden? 
Fruit? Veggies? 


  1. Those little girls are so thankful you're their grandmother! Spend the night, make fairy gardens, and giggle until your face hurts I'm sure.
    Good think my brother had kids, or my parents would be really disappointed on the grandkids front.

  2. I can't wait to have grandkids when my daughter is a little older. Awesome that yours are close to you. They are so cute and helpful!

  3. So far just an uncle at my sea, I can corrupt them and then send them back lol so works.

    1. I don't corrupt them, but I get to spoil them like I wasn't able to with their parents. :D

  4. ah, there's nothing better than using your grandkids as working slaves :) They will work for an apple pie

    1. Haha We have to take advantage of that willingness while they're still willing. Just like their parents, they'll outgrow it.

  5. A fairy garden sounds exquisit. Family is so important. Really pleased you are enjoying yours :) Hope all is well.

  6. I have one of my books registered in KU which is always nice. It's weird to look at pages read though. I don't know why, it just weirds me out.

    1. Pages read are a hot topic lately with Flip Pages. Seems Amazon's not paying for pages read that way. It's disheartening.

  7. Great that you get to spend so much quality time with your grandkids doing things you all enjoy!


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