Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine's Day Sale!

It's that time of year, and romance is in the air. Happy Valentine's Day week! I'm celebrating with some other authors to bring you 52 amazing romances--all on sale for only $.99. That's a book a week for an entire year!
These stories feature real-world clean romances, with a little bit of something for everybody. 
Click here to swing on by our sale website and check out all the awesomeness (or copy and paste the link in your browser: ).
Load up your Kindle because the prices won't last for long. 🙂

For the purposes of this sale, "clean" means no on-page sex, minimal violence, and minimal mild language. If these books were movies, they'd be rated PG. "Real-world" means either historical or contemporary (no paranormal or urban fantasy).
FYI--I haven't read all the books in the sale, but the authors assure me their books meet the above criteria. I've taken them at their word. The individual authors are responsible for the content of their stories.


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