Monday, July 13, 2015

Dressing the Naked Hand by Amy White etal

I've been looking forward to the release of this book for a very long time. The author, Amy White, is one of the librarians at my local library. They have a wonderful puppet program there, and this book has come about as a result of Amy's knowledge and experience.

What if your hand could talk; what would it say? What if it had a personality all its own, that you laughed so hard that you cried?  It would be a story every day, and a funny moment every minute! All of this could be possible; all you'd need to do is learn how to dress your hand.

Dressing the Naked Hand, an Amazon Number 1 New Release is a how-to book told in the perspective of a puppet. The book is filled with jokes, and humorous perspectives , but it is  also very informative. Teaching professional and amateurs, all the ins and outs of puppet making.  From the puppet creation, stage design and even acting. The book includes a DVD with more than two hours of hilarious teaching videos. This book will create master puppeteers out of all of its readers.

Amy White is a children's literature specialist at the Orem Public Library, and a dedicated Laptime and Storytime enthusiast. Amy started her puppet addiction as the buyer for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Fanfare puppetry area. Now, she uses puppets on an almost-daily basis. As an advocate for early literacy and a proponent of the value of stories, Amy believes that puppets are a great avenue, not only for sparking an early interest in stories, but also for continuing the love of stories throughout one's life.

Mark H. Pulham, Utah Arts Educator of the Year 2006, is a retired teacher, masterful puppeteer, skilled actor, and a long-time and dedicated children's librarian who works for the Orem Public Library. Mark's brand of twisted fairy tales, off-the-cuff hilarity, and extreme voice skills make him a highly sought-after puppeteer, voice-over artist, puppet skill teacher, and workshop leader. He can often be found performing to packed puppet audiences at festivals, schools, libraries, and centers for the arts.

Dallin Blankenship began making his own puppets at the Provo Library when, as a storyteller, he found that there were never enough puppet characters available for his stories. He later honed his puppet-making skills as an intern at The Puppet School in Los Angeles, where he was subsequently hired. Frequently booked with puppet-making orders, Dallin still finds time to pursue his Puppet Master of the Universe Doctorate as a member of the Naked Hand team.

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Did you play with puppets when you were a kid? Have you ever attended a puppet program?


  1. Thanks for the tip on Amy's book, Donna. Looks interesting and I am looking at it on Amazon now. I hope you Monday went quickly!

  2. What fun--best of luck to the authors!

  3. This sounds cool. Awesome Amy got inspired to get into puppets.

  4. That sounds fun, as puppets are great to give a run

  5. This sounds like such a fun book! I loved puppets when I was a kid. Never had them at home, but was entranced by any puppet show I saw.

  6. This looks delightful. I loved puppets as a child. Still do.

  7. I always stop and admire puppets. Loved it in childhood too. I like the sound of this book!


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