Sunday, February 1, 2015

Romance Blitz Countdown to Valentine's Day

For the next two weeks, there's a party goin' on!
The event's on Facebook.

Book Blitz Line-up:
Day 1: A Change of Plans by Author Donna K. Weaver
Day 2: The Heart of the Hunter by Author Natalie-Nicole Bates
Day 3: Moonlight by Author Ann Hunter
Day 4: The Stranger She Married by Author Donna Hatch
Day 5: The End of Feeling by Author Cindy C Bennett
Day 6: Passport To Happiness by Author Debbie White
Day 7: Pierced by Love by Author Laura L. Walker
Day 8: Cross Examination by Author Denise Moncrief
Day 9: Her One and Only by Author Shannon Guymon
Day 10: The Lady and the Minstrel by Author Joyce DiPastena
Day 11: Midnight Runner by Author Marilee Jackson
Day 12: My Sweet Danish Rose by Author Tina Peterson Scott
Day 13: Big in Japan by Author Jennifer Griffith
Day 14: Featuring all the books and the buy links so people can pick them up


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