Friday, November 21, 2014

The Attic of Sand and Secrets by Medeia Sharif

If you can believe it, author Medeia Sharif has another book out. 
Doesn't it sound fabulous? And she's doing a giveaway!

by Medeia Sharif

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Middle Grade Historical and Fantasy, Featherweight Press, November 2014

Lily, a learning disabled girl, attempts to unravel the mystery of her abducted mother using supernatural clues from an ancient stranger, even when it means posing a danger to herself.

Learning-disabled Lily desires to prove herself, although her mind freezes when presented with big problems - such as her mother's abduction. With a French father and Egyptian mother, Lily worries that her mother hid her ethnicity from her French in-laws. However, there's something deeper going on. Lily finds a way into an attic that's normally locked and encounters a mysterious, moonlit Egyptian night world. There she finds Khadijah, an ancient stranger who guides her to finding clues about her mother's whereabouts. Lily becomes a sleuth in both the real world and magical desert, endangering herself as she gets closer to the kidnapper.

The book takes place in 1976. Every host for this book blast is going to post one fun fact for that year. For some of you, this will bring back memories. For younger blog readers, you'll learn something new.

Fun fact: Rocky was the highest grossing film.

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  1. Congratulations, Medeia!
    Rocky was a long time ago...

  2. Congrats once more at your shore!

  3. I tell you what, that is a fantastic title. Good luck, Medeia!

  4. Ooh! That DOES sound good! And I had no idea about Rocky being the highest-grossing film. Good luck with your new release, Medeia

  5. Thank you, everyone.

    Thank you for posting, Donna.

    I compiled the '76 facts, but I haven't seen Rocky yet.

  6. This book sounds so awesome! Leave it to hard-working Medeia to be brave enough to tackle a learning disabled MC. She rocks!

  7. congrats to Medeia! It seems she has a new one every few months :)

  8. The blog looks pretty for winter! :)


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