Monday, November 17, 2014

Bookmarked Bargains

I am soooo close to beating NaNo. 
Soon. Very soon!

This is a great opportunity to stock on some great reading options. This event only happens twice a year. With the holidays coming up, be sure to check out the various genres. Click here.

As part of the sale, my Safe Harbors series is on sale through Thursday.

Not sure how to give an ebook as a gift? It's a piece of cake!

Click here to find out how easy it is.


  1. Awesome sale. And so great how well you're doing with NaNo.

  2. Keep it up with your NaNo progress. You'll beat it :-) And thanks for info about the sale.

  3. Yay, for almost beating NaNo (I'm sure you will!) What a great sale. I'll Tweet this too!

  4. Thanks for the heads up! Also, you got the book I dropped by, right?


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