Friday, August 22, 2014

Author Interview - Maria Hoagland

I have a special guest today, author Maria Hoagland. She agreed to an interview.

Are you spring, summer, fall, or winter? Please share why.
I love daffodils in the spring, raspberries and green grass and fireworks in the summer, and huge snowflakes on silent midnights during the first snowfall, but I love fall the best! I love crunching in autumn leaves--the smell, the sound, the colors, the invigoration of the crisp air. I love football and Halloween and apple cider and wooly worms.
If you were to name one piece of clothing that describes you, what would you say?
One piece of clothing . . . hmm. A comfortable-fitting pair of crop jeans. Can be dressed up or down, not too stifling, and good in pretty much any setting. (Okay, maybe that's stretching it just a bit! :))
Tell me about your next project.
I’m so excited about my latest completed project! Last month, I released my third novel, Still Time. It is about an LDS woman who is fighting moving into the next stage of life. She’d love to be able to keep her kids small, herself young, her marriage strong, but challenges keep getting thrown at her. She has her own hopes and dreams that somehow seem to be being back-burnered, but the most important thing to her is taking care of her family—it’s just that she’s not sure what is best for them. I think most readers can relate to that, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to see how other people deal with adversity because it makes me feel less alone and gives me hope that I too can prevail. Still Time is my third novel. I love to read about real life with a medical angle. I hope readers feel less alone in the trials they are facing. I hope they finish reading feeling uplifted and entertained and better about life in general.

Thrust into the chaos of her mother-in-law’s hoarding and forgetfulness, LDS church member Alyssa Johnston wishes she could retreat to a simpler time when her kids were small and almost anything could be fixed with a hug. But reassurance and a quick distraction no longer erase the pain of a missionary son who is struggling, a young teen who is bullied, or a daughter who is distant. As Aly’s own life and relationship with her husband plunge out of control, she wonders if her faith will be enough to keep her family—or herself—from falling apart.

Still Time is a deeply moving story about a woman’s faithful journey into the next phase of her life. You will laugh with Aly, feel her sorrow, and see yourself in Maria Hoagland’s realistic, heartfelt portrayal of a woman’s struggle to keep her family safe and hold back time as long as she can.

About the Author

When Maria Hoagland is not working at her computer, she can be found walking barefoot in soft grass, remodeling houses with her husband, or enjoying campfires with their three children. She loves crunching leaves in the fall, stealing cookie dough from the mixing bowl, and listening to musicals on her iPod. Maria earned her degree at Brigham Young University, and although she adores mountain resorts near her Idaho home, she is no longer a fan of ice skating.


  1. Football is the best part of the fall!
    If there was a way to stay young, I'd like to know about it.
    Congratulations, Maria!

  2. loved the first question and the answer!

  3. The fountain of youth is out there somewhere, right? lol

  4. Cool interview, sounds like a good read:)

  5. Congrats on your latest release, Maria--great interview!

  6. Another fabulous highlight, Donna! How do you know EVERYONE??? Seriously, Miss Popular. :) Maria is fabulous. Cool she writes LDS fiction. :)

  7. Sometimes people wish for simpler times when faced with current problems. Looks like a great book.


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