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Guest Post - R.J. Craddock

I have a special guest today, author R.J. Craddock.

Hello, Readers. I want to thank Donna for having me on her blog today. First off let me introduce myself. I’m R.J. Craddock, author of The Children of Cain series. Book one in the series “The Forsaken” came out last year. I’m here to talk a little about book two “The Offspring” which came out April 11th. I’ll be sharing with you the inspiration behind it and an excerpt from “The Offspring.”

Besides being a writer I’m also an avid reader and movie fanatic. I enjoy many genres but Fantasy has always had a special place in my heart. The Children of Cain series was inspired from several things: books I loved or found flaws with such as “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, “The Wheel of Time” series by Robert Jordan, “The Black Jewel” series by Anne Bishop, “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling, and “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyers; and lastly films such as Jim Henson’s’ “The Labyrinth” and “Legend.”

When I read/watched these books and films I kept seeing things I either loved or would’ve done differently. I felt a need to write a series that incorporated the positives and improved on the negatives of them all. A series that was darker, sexier and a lot more grown up then most YA novels are today without pushing things too far. That’s why my books are written for a fourteen and older audience with mature themes. However, my books are neither graphic nor explicit. I would categorize “The Children of Cain” series as a Clean New Adult Urban Fantasy. But that’s enough chit chat from me. Here’s an excerpt from “The Offspring.” Enjoy!  

All the while they have been walking Gwen has been too distracted to notice much about her surroundings. Most of what has passed before her eyes was the same cold, lifeless-colored stone walls, hallways, archways, and steps; but now she looks around and fully takes in the scene before her.

She and the Elf stand in the entryway to a massive underground courtyard, a chamber that spans hundreds of feet long and a hundred feet high. The domed ceiling is supported by dozens of large sculpted columns from floor to ceiling, fashioned like spirals shooting toward heaven. At the top of the dome, light shines through a magnificent stain glass window. Made out of many circles including a sun half-eclipsed by the moon and a giant eye, the window casts a supernatural glow high above the chamber floor. Gwen is so much in awe of the craftsmanship, the scale, and majesty of the room that at first she doesn’t notice the inhabitance of the chamber.

A deep male voice coughs. The sound startles Gwen. She spins around to locate the source. However, when she looks behind her no one is there. 

“Move out of the way! You’re blocking the entrance!” speaks the same rough, disembodied voice.

Gwen looks to Emon, perplexed. The tall Elf points toward the ground at Gwen’s feet. Standing only three feet tall, Gwen spies a stubby, hairy, little man, craning his neck to stare up at her with a disgruntled look upon his round face.

“I’m sorry.” Gwen steps aside.

The short, hairy fellow passes Gwen with a waddle, grumbling under his breath several unflattering remarks about her as he continues further into the massive chamber.

“What on earth was that?” she asks her companion.

“A dwarf,” Emon answers. “His kind built this place back when the world was young.”

“Oh. This is a dwarf dwelling, then?” Gwen asks.

“Well, originally they built it for the Vampire. Their two clans have been allies for centuries,” Emon explains. “Come along, little Witch, we should keep moving. Lord Legion is waiting to meet you.” He takes Gwen’s hand and they make their way across the courtyard.

Dozens of creatures wander about, coming and going in and out of the many passageways along the walls of the circular chamber. Gwen feels a little like a tourist, staring at all the dwarfs, giants, goblins, and other strange indescribable beings all around her.

Good thing the ceiling is so high, Gwen muses, otherwise the giants wouldn’t be able to fit. This however get her wondering how Giants traverse anywhere else in the fortress with the hallways being human in size. If I stay her long enough I’ll figure that out. She thinks to herself.

Gwen notices their multi-colored auras as they mill about, hearing all their minds buzzing around her head like a swarm of bees. Remembering Emon’s admonishment about entering another’s mind without permission, Gwen draws her mind into itself. She throws a shield up to keep from hearing anyone else’s thoughts by accident.

Well there you go. I hope that entices you to learn more about me and my books. You can follow me at any of the sites listed:

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Thanks again for stopping by. Now go forth read, read and then read some more.
R.J. Craddock


  1. I think wanting to write the story we truly want to read is the impetus for a lot of writers. All those influences from other stories, good and bad, help shape that vision. Sounds like a great read. Loved the excerpt.

  2. Improving on things is fun to do at ones zoo

  3. Those are great books to be inspired by! I enjoyed the excerpt! Sounds like a great read! :)

  4. I like the sound of these characters. I don't read a lot of fantasy, but enjoy it when I do.


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