Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 2 of A Change of Plans Audiobook Blog Tour

 Don't forget ...

Because Audible is an Amazon company, the ebook and the audiobook are linked. When you purchase the ebook, you can download the audiobook for $1.99.

Yeah. You read that right. You can get the ebook AND the audiobook for $6.98.

Well, my publisher, Rhemalda, and I are hosting a giveaway. 
And there can be two winners!

These are the people who are up today! You can sign up on their blogs.

19-Aug    Heidi Tighe     
19-Aug    RaShelle Workman     
19-Aug    Brenda Gallagher     
19-Aug    Wendy Knight     


  1. ooh, I'm loving the new Autumn layout, a bit too early, but very enchanting :)

  2. Summer is gone at your lawn and all over the place today, such fun at your bay.

  3. Love the leaves. Makes me wish for cooler weather. :)

  4. Such a great deal, Donna. More and more people are going with audible. I'll have to look into it. Love the fall theme on your blog. New follower.

  5. New layout's looking good and great deal to offer.

  6. wow! look at you go! ive had some ask if mine was on audio. its quite a trend! awesome!


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