Monday, July 8, 2013

Launch Party for "Spirit" by Lauren Ritz

I'm on a blog break through July.
I interrupt this blogging break for a PAR-TAY!

Welcome to the Spirit Online Launch Party!

Answer any or all of the following questions, but remember that those with the most points will win the prizes:

  • 1/2 point:  At what point does a habit become a disease (as classified by the DSMIV)
  • Spirit (1 point): Why doesn't Val drink coffee?
You can check out sample pages of Spirit here to get your answer about Val's coffee.
  • A Change of Plans (1 point): What's the first physical attribute that Lyn notices about Braedon?

Here's a link to some sample pages of A Change of Plans where you can get your answer about Braedon.

Now go back to the party here to post your answers. And to finish up the party, we have Lauren Ritz, at Eclectic


  1. Thanks for hosting this! I really appreciate it!


  2. Thanks, Alex! It was a fun event.

  3. Congrats indeed at your feed.

  4. I'm always down for a party! :) Congratulations, Lauren!

  5. Congrats Lauren!

  6. Donna, I love the luau sign. It should point to my book! LOL Sorry. Hope you have a nice vacation.


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