Friday, July 26, 2013

"Friday Night Alibi" by Cassie Mae--Character Interview with Chase

I'm on a blog break through July.

I have a special guest here today--Chase from Cassie Mae's new book, Friday Night Alibi (through Random House Flirt).

There's a picture of you above, so my readers can see what you look like. Tell me, in your opinion, what is your best feature? It doesn't have to be physical.

Hmm. I'd like to think it's my adorable face but it's probably my eyes. People talk about them a lot

Ah. So you think you're adorable? Were you like this in high school? What "clique" did you best fit in with?

Swim team for the most part. But I was home schooled. So my "clique" was just me and Robbie, baby bro. But I had the community water polo and tennis teams.
Looks like it can be a tough game.
You're close to your baby brother? How old is he?

He would've been ten this year. But he passed away when he was six.

I’m so sorry to hear that. If you can talk about it, do you mind telling my readers how the loss of your brother changed you?

Well even though I was home schooled I was a loud mouthed people person. After he died I kinda spent more time with my Xbox instead. I guess sometimes it's easier to play online with someone who doesn't know or doesn't give you the pity face.

Do you do anything to honor your brother’s memory?

Yeah but it's personal. Just for me and him. Hope you understand that.

I do, and good on you, Chase. On a lighter note, what’s the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
(from people at the country club?)

Well I don't get embarrassed easily but sometimes I do after the fact. Like when I mooned Kelli at the country club.

Classy. Was Kelli the only witness, or did you have a larger audience? Did you get any dates from it?

I think half the tennis players at the Sundale country club know exactly how hairy my butt is. And no dates... at least not immediately. ;) 

TMI, my friend. But this does beg the question. Actually, a couple of questions. 1. Why did you moon Kelli? 2. Was she one of the dates?

1. To see her reaction. 2. I'd say she was. She'd say she wasn't.

I guess we'll have to read the book to see what her reaction was. You mentioned playing the Xbox. If you played any games where you gave yourself a user name, what was it? And what does that name mean to you?

I picked a username that wasn't taken yet. Not much meaning to it. lol. But I like being anonymous since I sort of suck against the person I normally play against.

Interesting. I think there's a story there. Hopefully it's explained in the book.

I understand Kelli's not a fan of yours and is quite vocal about it. What is it about her that keeps you coming back for more abuse?

She wants me lol. Nah I'm addicted to her personality. People are always either walking on eggshells cuz they know about Robbie or they get embarrassed by my sense of humor or they know I come from money... blah blah. But Kelli dishes crap out as fast as I do. She sees through my bull. She matches my intensity. She treats me so differently. I'm always surprised by her. I can handle the abuse because I deserve it ;) but also because it comes from her.

And dang that was a long answer.

Two last questions.

What do you wear to bed?

Lol! I wear fuzzy pink pajamas with bunny slippers and the butt flap.


Are you ticklish?

And yes I’m super ticklish. But Kelli has only discovered the ticklish spot on my knee. I’m hoping she doesn’t find the other places because I know she’d use that against me.

Yes, when you’re ticklish, it gives your enemies power over you. Good luck with keeping that a secret, Chase. I'm afraid Kelli would have to much fun with power like that.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Okay, peeps. Not only did you get to talk to this gorgeous man, but there's a giveaway!


  1. Chase, hope you're kidding about the pink pajamas or you can turn in your man card right now!
    And if Kelli is anything like her creator, she's got the upper hand in the verbal department. (Meaning that in a good way, Cassie!)

  2. This was cute! Tweeted.

    Also, who makes your blog headers?

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Chase is adorable. And hairy. Which is also adorable. Except not the butt hair. ;)

  4. I could totally see Cassie wearing fuzzy pink bunny pj's to bed with a butt flap! That would rock. And that first pic of Chase is my fave - humina~humina! :)

  5. Fuzzy pink pajamas? LOL. Congrats to Cassie on yet another great novel.

  6. So sweet and I'll tickle him. Congrats Cassie.

  7. It was nice to hear about Cassie Mae's new book. That giveaway looks great! :-)

  8. haha great take and the pumpkin pic was fun

  9. I'm not sure what I would do if my hubby was wearing pink PJs, and especially ones that looked like those. Definitely not sexy. lol

  10. Swim team? Water Polo? This guy just earned a massive load of cool points from me. :)

  11. Chase is swoonworthy!

    Congrats to Cassie on her release today!

  12. Those pink pajamas look comfortable.

    Great character interview. Congrats to Cassie.

  13. Why does his hairy butt look like a pair of pumpkins? Oh...those are a pair of pumpkins. My bad.


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