Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 3 - A Change of Plans Block Party

What a crowd we've got today. Check out these awesome peeps!

Suzie Forbes - Guest Post/Author Interview - My Not So Secret Writing Life
Suey - Review + Guest Post/Author Interview- It's All About Books
Laura Josephsen - Guest Post - Laura's website
Lindzee Armstrong - Review - Lindzee's website
Lisa Faber - Review - Bookworm Lisa
Nancy S. Thompson - Book Spotlight - Nancy's website
Michelle Cole - Review - The Blushing Reader
Tasha Seegmiller - Review - Tasha's website
Carrie Butler - Author Interview - So, You're a Writer 
Jaleta Clegg - Author Interview - Jaleta's website
Rebekah Grow - Review + Guest Post/Author Interview - R.K. Grow - reading. writing. blogging.
Fiauna Lund - Review + Guest Post/Author Interview - See My Wings
Julie Daines - Review - An Author's Compendium
Crystal Casey - Review - Peace Love Books 
Andrea Frisby - Review + Guest Post/Author Interview - Literary Time Out 


  1. Go Donna go! Already visited Nancy this morning.

  2. Wow! You're busy. Off to visit Nancy's.

  3. Holy schnikies, what a busy day!

  4. Still going stronger than ever!

  5. Love it! Thanks for the interview. A CHANGE OF PLANS is awesome! Come check it out

  6. loving your block party tour! congrats, lady!

  7. I like this block party! I'll check these people out.

  8. you ladies know how to organize a party :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Donna! :)

  10. I've had June 8th on my mind for your launch! Doh. :) Congrats - so cool!! And look at all this support!! Your fans and writer friends clearly ROCK!

  11. This looks like my kind of book that I like to read. Thank you for the giveaway.

  12. I love a good party, and the best part is the rain doesn't effect yours. :D

  13. I want to read this because:
    1 - I love Donna
    2 - The cover is gorgeous
    3 - The premise sound GREAT!!!

    Congrats Donna!

  14. Wow:)

    LOVE that the party is full of awesome sauce peeps:)

    Congrats Donna, and MUCH SUCCESS with "A Change of Plans" :)

  15. Donna is a great person, read about her being a great writer, the story line draws me in and the cover is really good. All those reasons are why I want to read A Change of plans. Thanks for the giveaway and best of luck with your book.


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