Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Big Thank You!

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Between my day job and my night job--yeah, that one that's bearing fruit on June 1st--I'm being swallowed by crazy.

And it's taking it's toll on my shoulder muscles which, in turn, are giving the tendons at my elbows fits.

I do a lot of computer mouse work, but I try to take some of the pressure off. I use my left hand for the mouse at work and my right hand for my mouse at home.

But, still. I'm pretty independent (which makes hubby nuts), and I won't always let him help me (even more nuts).

So, I want to do a big shout out to my hubby.
  • He's such a wonder man. Biggest heart ever. He'd give you the shirt off his back. 
  • So, so supportive of my writing efforts. 
  • Handyman extraordinaire
  • Retired massage therapist
Yes, you read that last one right. And as soon as I mentioned having trouble with my elbows (I had to go through physical therapy from "tennis elbow" a few years ago and it's still a bit of an ongoing problem), hubby knew what to do. 

He had me on his table this morning before work, working on my hard-as-a-rock, knotted neck and shoulder muscles. Ouch. But it was an even bigger ouch for him because he's got arthritis (and Fibromyalgia). See what I mean? 

So, thanks, honey.

What about you? How is your support group? What kinds of things do you have or wish you had in this area?


  1. He's the man! Sorry so much computer work gets to you.
    I'd like to say I get the massages, but I'm the one who gives them. Such a sucker...

  2. I wish my husband was a massage therapist! Haha. He's really good at driving to the store and grabbing me a giant coke on those writing marathon nights, though. :)

  3. Sucks indeed, feel your pain, as I can only type with my left hand, right one is screwed and then too much with my left, leaves it screwed, hmph.

  4. He had me on his table this morning before work...

    *dies laughing* Oh this appealed to my smutty mind this morning! Your hubby rocks!

  5. Wish my parents truly understood my love for writing. But that's what I got friends for, including my cool bloggie ones. Your hubby is awesome, he deserves this shout out.

  6. Awesome your husband is so supportive. I had to get a special chair and slide out container for my keyboard at work because of hand issues at work. They can be painful.

  7. I certainly wish I lived with a retired massage therapist, or someone who supported my writing habit. I am happy for you.

  8. Yahhy to Hubby :)

    (Did I say that out loud??)

    Er, I meant manly shoulder slap to Hubby and a discreet cough and a handshake :)

    PS... awesome that you know Bellows Beach.. it really is a magic place :)

  9. When does your hubs travel to California? Just kidding, I get supported but also prodded. LOL

  10. awwwww!
    how sweet! yay for supportive spouses =)
    and keep at it my busy bee friend! i here ya!

  11. Your husband sounds awesome.

    I haven't had a massage in ages.

  12. I really need a good massage. Too many knots in my shoulder...
    You are lucky to have an "in-house therapist"...

  13. You get the best! So lucky! I envy you!

    I so need a shoulder/neck massage from my hours sitting in front of computer.


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