Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp NaNo Update and Inspiration

Remember I'm on blogging hiatus (meaning I'm not doing any visiting) this month because of Camp NaNo. I hit 8,201 words last night. I'm trying to get ahead because we have family visiting for a few days next week.

Enjoy a little remixed inspiration from the awesome Bob Ross.


  1. Good luck, ahead of the game so far!

  2. Well done on your Camp Nano so far! Catch up when you get back and hope you have a lovely time with your family when they visit :)

  3. Wowzer, well done on word count! You're on fire. :)

  4. Wow! You're doing great!! Keep going! I'm still trucking along with my word count! I feel like this is gonna be a great summer for all of us NaNo'ers

  5. You're flying!

    And remember "There are no limits here".

    My mother used to watch Bob Ross. I'd alternate between making fun of him (he was an easy target) and being amazed at what he could do in a half-hour, but I'll say this: he always came across as a gentle soul and a kind man. Good luck with Camp!

  6. You're doing wonderfully! Keep writing! Ah, Bob Ross and his fluffy little clouds.

  7. You can do it Donna!

    Love the video. I miss watching him make his creations. I think I'm going to pin his words up somewhere that they repeated in the video.
    "This is your world, you are the creator." We paint stories with words every time we write.


  8. Nice, Donna! You keep working! Get it out! (And FYI, LOVE your "new look I saw on fb... you're so gorgeous!)

  9. 8000 words! that's awesome. Good luck and looking forward to hearing all about the end result:)


  10. Loved this! I might steal for a future post. I used to watch Bob Ross and even bought one of his books when I went through a painting phase.
    Good luck writing.


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