Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tristi Pinkston's Women of Strength

This has been some month for book releases.

Tristi Pinkston is quite the genre hopper--which means she's my hero. She's written cozy mysteries (her hilarious Secret Sisters series), a book on women and finances, a cookbook, romantic suspense, and historical fiction to name a few. You can click here for a complete list.

Today I'm talking about her new book Women of Strength, a book for spiritual book targeted to LDS women.

The need for courageous, faithful women has never been greater than it is today. As we draw nearer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we are faced with temptations on every side. But we can prevail as we gain true strength from living the gospel.

In Women of Strength, Tristi Pinkston shares inspiring stories, as well as insightful quotes from Church leaders, to demonstrate the power and influence of righteous women. This book invites women everywhere to deepen their relationship with the Savior, rely on the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and learn what it really means to be strong.

I found this book to be encouraging even as it warned women of the challenges that can come to us as women today. Women have always expected a lot of themselves, but it seems that society has added to that burden. You have to be smart. You have to be beautiful. You have to be clever. You have to be talented. It's easy to see, in today's fast paced world, women who appear to be able to do it all.

And you can't. You're tired. You're cranky. You're overwhelmed. You wonder why you're such a failure.

Quotes from Women of Strength:

"Think about it for a minute. When a woman feels bad about herself, she finds it hard to reach out to others, and she doesn't dream she has the power to change lives. But once she catches a glimmer of the phenomenal celestial being she truly is, she goes out and shares her love with others, and that's something the adversary can't have at any cost."

". . . Be strong for yourself and your family. Just making it through today is enough, and then tomorrow, do it again. Your diligence and faith make you a heroine, even when you may doubt it. But our Heavenly  Father has no doubt. He knows who you are, and He knows you can do it."


  1. Your Women of strength is so very true, Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like those quotes from the book :)

  3. I could really use this book right now. Thanks for sharing. <3 ya!

  4. Yes, I think I really need this book. Thanks for the preview :)

  5. Thanks for the update on releases:)

  6. The book sounds good. I could always use come encouragement. And I really like the look of your blog.

  7. Those two quotes are very encouraging and true when you think about it. Women are called on to be all things to all people.

  8. Wow! Impressive genre-hopping. :D


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