Sunday, April 15, 2012

That Other Blog

This is a day off from the A to Z Challenge.

I'm posting at that other blog today if anyone's interested in a lesson on gender specific language.

And here's the video my two youngest sons made. The filmer had to do an assignment. How do you like the dubbing? ROFL


  1. trekking your blog!!! happy weekend!! its time to relax...


  2. Headed over there now...I did a fun little almost non A to Z blog today. [giggle]

  3. I didn't think anybody could be loonier than my kids, but yours have taken that honor...;o) What cracks me up is it's the plastic cheese that my kids believe is a travesty to cheese...rofl.

  4. How delightful!

    That's a lot of cartoon stonework. Where was it shot?

  5. The stonework is in my basement. The son who is doing the filming, his wife (in the video), and I did it for a playroom for the grandkids.

  6. This is so Funny! it's like a scandanavian version of a martial arts film. I give it an A++


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