Friday, November 11, 2011


Abby Fowers over at Something to Write About tagged me. Since I needed a break, I've decided to play. Though, perhaps I shouldn't have. You decide. I think you'll know which question made me a little nuts.

If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be?
This one is easy for me. My mom died when I was fourteen. With the arrogance and ignorance of youth, I didn't visit her in the hospital as often as I should have (and would have if I'd realized she wasn't coming home). I'd go back and relive the visit I missed (I'd actually accompanied my father to the hospital--and sat in the car while he visited her because I thought the hospital was creepy).

Now don't worry about me. I don't beat myself up over this. I happen to be one of those people who believe in what Dumbledore called "the next, great adventure". I believe I will see her again, and I don't think she'll hold it against me. But still, I'd have liked to have had another memory to look upon, one that could have helped to get me through those tough times when I was growing up and having to get along without my mom. One more time to tell that I love her.

What movie/TV character do you most resemble in personality?
I'm guessing this means physically. So I went to a celebrity look alike generator.
I submitted this one.
Really? Really?
You should have seen the first picture I used! It was almost all guys.
Shut up!

If you could push one person off a cliff and get away with it, who would you choose?
Um, no one. I have a more eternal view of justice.

*grins evilly*

Name one habit you want to change with yourself?
I bite my nails. Even when I'm not "technically" biting them, I'm worrying them to death.

And after watching that movie Contagion, I so should not bite my nails. Or touch my face. Or touch anything or anyone. Or eat anything that anyone else has touched.

Why do you blog? (Answer in one sentence.) 
It began as a way to stay up to date with family members and when I started writing it morphed in making friends and learning tons.

So, who do I pass this on to?

Barbara Jean Byrem over at Far Away Series
Angie Cothran over at Live to Write ...Edit when Necessary
Joanne over at Whole Latte Life


  1. Very intersting Donna, and I personally don't think you look like a guy... where is this crazy look alike generator anyway...I kind of want to try it

  2. You definitely don't look like a man. I was thinking Diane Sawyer.

  3. Wow. That discussion of your mother dying was honest and wise and beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. I want to try that look alike generator and see what it comes up with for me. Lol :)

    And great job answering that question with only one sentence. I'm not sure if I could do that. ;)

  5. Donna--you are hilarious. Meryl Streep I can see, but not Tim Allen.

    I haven't seen Contagion yet...I'll admit, it scares me a little.

    Thanks for the tag, I'm honored :)

  6. Wow. I think it's time to fire that look-alike generator!

    Great post as always, Donna. :)

  7. I really laughed over your answers (not the first one, of course). Actually, Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley are great favorites of mine; I'd be happy to look like either one of them. And yes, after seeing contagion I wouldn't touch anything or anyone either. But that only lasted a couple of days. Thanks for these great responses.

  8. What if the cliff was only high enough for them to break a leg or two, then would you push someone off?..haha

  9. I'm sorry about your mom. Some decisions we always linger with, but I'm thinking your mother understood.

    Thanks for the tag, too. If you don't mind, I'll hijack your comments and pick one question to answer right here :)

    Why do you blog? I started my blog as an extension of the manuscript I was working on at that time. I took a theme of the story, my character's effort to live the life she loves, and explored just how we do that daily. Of course, the blog's grown into so much more now, about connections and community and friendship. But that's how it all started ...

  10. Thanks Donna for the chance to be NAKED on the NET.

    Go check it out.

    Didn't go near that look alike generator and I don't think you look at all like Bruce Willis. I do agree with who ever said Diane Sawyer.

    Oh and Joanne- I have two words for you ONE SENTENCE. If I had to do it so do you. They didn't say it couldn't be a great big RUN ON SENTENCE.

    Seriously, Thanks for the opportunity to put somethings in print that probably should have been written down a long time ago. Thanks for the opportunity to be 'painfully honest'. I needed that.

    Whoever found whom, you have been a great find for me.

  11. Great answers. It's interesting how many bloggers say something about a parent when responding to the question about going back in time. I'm no exception. When I got a call that my mother had taken a turn for the worse, I booked the next flight out, but the plane ended up sitting on the tarmac for an hour and a half before it finally took off. By the time we got airborne, we should have already landed in Baltimore. Long story short, my mother died twenty minutes before I got to the hospital. So I would've liked to go back in time and make that darned plane take off on schedule. But I think my mother understood. So did yours.

  12. You can't feel bad about not seeing your mother as often as you should've. When we're young, we're immortal, and think everyone else is as well.
    Ben Kingsly? Really? Don't see it...

  13. Oh my gosh the answers are awesome! First off, I am sad about your mom. I have similar feelings about when I lost my grandma. But luckily - eternal views help us out.

    No way on the celebrity look alikes. LOL. So funny. Although I do love Meryl Streep.

    I am a nail biter too so I am NOT going to watch CONTAGION now. I am already a germophobe!

    Awesome answers Donna! So glad you played along. It's great to get to know you better. :)

  14. that was en EXTREME version of tag!
    and i would push the person generating the celeb look a likes off the cliff =)

    glad your nano is going so well!

  15. Hahaha! The who do I look like pictures are hilarious! Not only do they not look like you, but they don't even look like each other!

    I hated Contagion.

  16. Wow, great questions. I might have to try this myself:)

  17. Hi Donna. I've been gone for a week. Congrats on being tagged. That was so sad about your mom...definitely a great moment to back in time. I chew the heck out of my nails too. Looks like I'll be watching that movie. And I could definitely see you as Meryl Streep. :)

  18. I think you really should have gone with the personality look-alike instead. That would have been interesting to ponder. Thanks for stopping at my blog today.

  19. There's such a thing as a look-alike generator? Really?


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