Sunday, August 21, 2011

Plot Devices & Two Awards

Plot Devices

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.


Valentina Hepburn was very kind and gave me two awards. It's always so nice when someone thinks of you for something like this, and I love to be able to showcase the blogs of other online friends.

Yes, this makes it the 5th time for this one. =D But I've shared awards with people who've already received them, so it's all good to me!

But in the spirit of the awards and the need to tell things about myself (click here for the most recent), I'm going to pass this on to the following bloggers (they will have to share 7 random [or not, depending upon their inclinations] bits of information about themselves). Please check them out and give them a follow if you're so inclined.

Mel Fowler over at Adventure Writes
Heidi Murphy over at Murphy's Law
Canda Mortensen over at Canda's InkBlast
Kristin Baker Przybyla over at Fairies and Pirates


  1. Congrats on your well deserved awards and to the people you passed them onto,


  2. Thanks so much, Donna, for passing along the award. I look forward to reading the other blogs highlighted here!

  3. Congrats on the awards! I love that pie one~ it always makes me hungry :)

  4. Congratulations...

    I am a slacker when it comes to blog awards.

  5. You definitely deserve the awards! Yay!

  6. Thanks Donna for sharing! You do deserve these awards. You're pretty neat! :)

  7. Thanks so much! I'll check out the other award recipients too. :D


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