Monday, July 18, 2011

#PoetrySummer and Books, Books, and More Books

 My poem this week is another lyrics selection. It's from the book These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder. As a girl I absolutely loved this books series and especially this book.

Golden years are passing by,
Happy, happy golden years,
Passing on the wings of time,
These happy golden years.
Call them back as they go by,
Sweet their memories are,
Oh, improve them as they fly,
These happy golden years.

Books, Book, and Books

I've been taking a break from writing, while my critique group and some betas read through a revision. As a result, I've actually had time to read. Imagine that! 

Here are some of the books I've either finished reading or am currently reading:

I have pages of notes that I've taken as I slowly listened to the tale again. Brandon Sanderson is one of those authors who, like Jo Rowling, likes to throw in unexpected twists that he's warned you about but you probably didn't realize you were being warned. He's got a complex storyline going here, and he has a wonderful gift of making me care about the characters.
Fun Romantic Suspense with a nice twist at the end.Stephanie received a Whitney Award for her book this year. It was well deserved. Click here for more details about this book and her other works.
1st book in the Saint Squad Series, a squad of Navy Seals who also happen to be LDS. I'm reading Traci's books to my hubby, and I swear every one of them makes him cry. Click here for more about Traci's books.
2nd Book in the Saint Squad Series
Book 1 in a series with characters from Freefall.
Book 2 in the series.
Something that I enjoy is when we're introduced to characters we love and get to see them again in other books. When we read Freefall we were introduced to a storyline that was back story and only hinted at. It was fun to realize when we began Under Currents that this was that story and involved a younger version of one of the main characters in Freefall

Listening to
Fun YA suspense. Click here for a write up.
 I've only got a couple more weeks of no writing (I think), and I've got several more books I'm hoping to get to. *sigh* I suffer from the librarian's lament even though I'm not a librarian.

So many books.
So little time.

So what have you been reading?


  1. It's always healthy to take a break and just read. I've been reading some nonfiction and some epublished fiction. I'm looking forward to reading Hourglass and Imaginary Girls!

  2. I was in between writing projects for about a month this summer. I read A Game of Thrones, a Sharon Shinn novel that I can't remember the name of, and part of Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children. I didn't make it through that last one. :(

    Back to writing now. :)

  3. Have you ever read Helen Rice's poetry. I've managed to pick up those tiny inspirational books. They're lovely.

    Looks like you've been reading a lot. I believe character building is one of the strong suits of my writing, so anything that makes me care about a character is way cool reading. I agree about character appearance in multiple books is a plus. You should try parttime librarian....^-^ do have a lovely way of expressing yourself. It's a testament to the fact that you've done a lot of reading. Thanks for sharing your current reads.

  4. wow so many books is rite!
    love sandersen!
    i'm finishing the hunger games trilogy and the ambler warning by ludlum among others =)
    wish life wasnt so complicated taking up my time!

  5. I love taking breaks while my CP reads my wip. Makes for a good amount of time to read. These look great!

  6. Probably strange, but I have been taking a detour away from more current selections.

    London's "Call of the Wild" called this wild one back to it.

    And I just finished "The Hobbit" for, oh, about the 15th time.

    Hey, does anyone know? Did we happen to land on the moon yet?

  7. A "three-peat" with the comments? Sheesh. I rest my case.

  8. There's never enough money to buy all the books I want to read, but that's probably okay since there's not enough hours in the day either. Hehe!

  9. I'm currently reading the Sword of Truth series. I'm also in the middle of the Game of Thrones.

    There is definitely not enough time to read all the books I would like.

    Better than there not being enough though!

  10. Laura - I usually make sure I'm reading something, even if it's just listening to an audiobook while I get ready for work or do other mindless things around the house like cleaning or laundry. But I was totally focused in June in getting a new plot line for my WIP done in time to submit to my critique group. I was plenty burned out by the time I was done.

    L.G. - you're the second person who's mentioned Sharon Shinn this week.

    Laila - I've thought about volunteering at my local library once I retire. I love that place.

    Tara - I'll be interested in how well you like the conclusion of the Hunger Games series.

    Alleged - I really feel like I'm on vacation. =D

    Bryce - I hope you noticed my old sampling by Heinlein. "The Puppet Masters" was published in 1951.

    Nisa - that's what libraries are for! As long as the books you want aren't so popular that you have so many people ahead of you on the reserved line that it'll be a year before you get the book you want. But there're lots more to consider. =D

    Kelley - I've heard bits and pieces of a couple of the Sword of Truth books. It's funny because my hubby was helping me put in a perennial garden and was listening to some audiobooks lent to him by one of our sons. One was from the Wheel of Time series and the other was by Goodkind. Later I began listening to the Wheel of Time series and had gotten Richard and Rand mixed up and kept expecting some of the things I'd heard that happened to Richard to happen to Rand.

    I've tried reading Game of Thrones. Hated it both times. Only got part way through and set it aside. But my sons love the series.

  11. I love The Way of Kings... as soon as I completed it; I started reading it for the second time.

    I also like the Mist Born series… great reads.

  12. Jeff - same here, and as I mentioned in the post, I wrote down questions about things I noted. I also love Elantris and Warbreaker. He wrote Warbreaker online before it was published.

  13. I love summer reading and just did a post like this. I read Cold As Ice and enjoyed it so I picked up her previous book Methods of Madness and I think it was even better. So many books, so little time. So true.

  14. I have so many books I've bought over the last few months, and haven't read. I need a vaca to just read. I miss it . .


  15. Oh, I loved Way of Kings! My sister and I actually read it at the same time because neither of us could wait for the other to finish. I cannot wait for the sequels. Have you read his Mistborn trilogy? It's fantastic :)

  16. I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books! I have them all in hardcover that I got one by one on special occasions by my godmother. They are very special to me and I'm hoping to find a young girl who will appreciate them as much as I did. I used to wish I lived during that time. They were so appreciative of what they had and life was simple (in a sense). I'm not reading anything at the moment, except for the blogs that I'm following, and I'm not even doing that as often as I'd like. I can't seem to stay focused on a book right now.

  17. Renae - I'll definitely get Stephanie's other books. I really enjoyed "Cold As Ice".

    Donna - for me that would be the best kind of vacation -- reading.

    Caitlin - Yes, I've read the Mistborn series (and everything else by Brandon, including the two Wheel of Time books, which I think he's done a fabulous job taking over). He's one of my favorite authors.

    KimberlyJ - I've read the Little House books many times. Laura did such a great job.

  18. Mine too :) I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of Elantris yet, but I enjoyed Warbreaker and I'm really looking forward to Alloy of the Law that comes out later this year.

  19. I just gave up on James Scott Bell's Deceived, but I loved all three of his Try series: Try Dying, Try Fear and Try Darkness. And his book Plot & Structure is like my new bible.

    I just started of Water for Elephants. The jury is still out on that one.

    Michael Connelly's The Fifth Witness was awesome, as are all of his Lincoln Lawyer books.

    Divergent (Veronica Roth) - eh. Okay for YA, I guess. Seemed like the whole book was back story though, just getting ready for the second in the series.

    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (Jamie Ford) - super awesome historical fiction

    Room (Emma Donoghue) - hard to get into at first (voice of a 5 year old) but, man, was it ever good!!

    Stolen (Lucy Christopher) - YA and surprisingly enough, I loved it!


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