Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Books, Books, and More Books

I went to a BBQ tonight hosted by Canda over at Canda's Ink Blast. Lots of food, good conversation, contests and prizes. I took some pictures but my son's moved my thingy that lets me get the pics off my memory card. I came away with FOUR books!

Including the one on the right. Orson Scott Card wrote the book based upon the screenplay for the movie. We enjoyed the movie, though the theatrical ending was sadly lacking. Card got permission to continue writing well into the filming. He brought depth to the characters that most novels based on screenplays can't capture. This book is one of my favorites. There was something in it that struck a chord with me, something that never got translated into the movie. The book's out of print. I have a copy of the paperback already that my brother lent me. I may--MAY--do a giveaway. I'll have to stew on it.

If you think you'd be interested in having a shot at it, let me know. Persuade me.

Back to the BBQ, I experienced a sense of deja vue as I sat at a table with other aspiring writers, eating and chatting about writing in general, about books we love/hate, and learning about each other. What it reminded me of was the first time I attended a moderator meetup with five other mods from The Leaky Lounge.

Bear in mind, that this was a group of adult Harry Potter fans. Rabid Harry Potter fans. So rabid that we'd all been asked (or volunteered) to help with a very busy and award winning (one from Jo Rowling herself) website. We all knew each other online but were finally able to meet in person. There's a language (modified netspeak) that we use on the discussion forums.

HP = Harry Potter
LV = Lord Voldemort
DE = Death Eaters
HBP = Half  Blood Prince
DD = Dumbledore, etc.

It was funny during dinner at that long ago meetup that one of the moderators (who happened to be a producer at one of the large local radio stations) used one of the above shortcuts in her speech. She paused, flushed, and then gushed her amazement that she'd actually said it out loud, in person. It seemed so geeky, and we all thrilled at the release. Closet HP fans coming out.

At the BBQ tonight, it felt a little like that. Sitting around with a bunch of other writers, talking about these voices we all have in our heads trying to get out. Discussing the benefits of using that Dragon software program so you can speak rather than type. Dissing how lacking some kinds of modern literature can be.


If I hadn't eaten so much yummy food (and now my stomach hurts), I'd be completely satisfied.

Thanks Canda! And thank your sweet husband for cooking all those burgers and dogs.

Don't forget about Cindy Hogan's Blog Hop.
If you haven't entered to win, you still have time.

Seriously, I thought this was going to be a short post. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm even capable of short posts.


  1. Orson Scott card is such a fantastic writer. When my husband finally convinced me to read Ender's Game, I couldn't stop. His awards do not surpirse me.

  2. Good books and good food, no better combination!

  3. Rebecca, Ender's Game was the first book of Card's we ever read. Love almost all of that series.

    Jen - and last night the weather was the best it's been yet this year. Perfect.

  4. Enjoyed the stories from your BBQ- but adult HP fans? Pahleeze! LOL.
    Seriously, I think it's cute when the Trekkies and the Potter fans meet up with the Somewhere in Time, Rocky Horror Picture, Star Wars fans and go to Atlanta for The Gone With The Wind Festival.:)

  5. I can't believe I didn't know he wrote the Abyss. That's one of my favorite movies. Of course, most movies out there are based on the talents of a fabulous writer.

  6. Desert - yes, adult Potter fans. You should have read some of the truly education discussions in the Dumbledore Isn't Dead thread. There were lawyers, teachers, college professors, writers, scientists, computer programmers, doctors, geneticists, and more all arguing one side or the other. And then Jo had to kill our dreams. *sigh*

    But Harry helped me embrace my inner geek.

    Laila - I used to like to read the books based upon the screenplay because you get so much more information. I was so disappointed in the one Disney did for Pirates of the Caribbean. It was for little kids. The Abyss blew my mind.

  7. Sounds like you had a great time!

  8. I haven't read any of Orson Scott Card's books yet. I had no idea that he wrote The Abyss. As for Harry Potter, I would love to sit in a room filled with die-hard fans and discuss the various arcs. JKR is a genius!

  9. Chatty, we so did have fun. I'd never attended one of these gatherings. Funny how many more writers there are than adults willing to admit to being HP geeks. Adult geeks would have much deeper questions of Rowling.

    Steven, you seriously should try Ender's Game. Fabulous book and a Hugo winner. 'nuff said. =D

  10. I so wanted to be there! Instead, I was teaching little ones to, but...

  11. Yeah, sounds like a die-hard set of fans all right. :)

  12. Well that sounded like a great evening! Wish I was closer to join in some of those things and being in a rural area means I miss most book lunches etc. here - ah well. Good old JK Rowling - she gives us all hope of cracking the big one!


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