Monday, May 2, 2011

"Cinders" by Michelle Davidson Argyle -- My First Giveaway ... Kinda

I had the good fortune on April 19th to check out Robin Week's "Selfless Self-Interest" post where she and author Michelle David Argyle were doing a blog posting swap that included a chance to win a copy of Michelle's novella Cinders.


Of course, I was interested in the book right away. I went ahead and did the requirements for my name to be entered in the drawing, though I'm not usually someone who wins prizes*. (Proof positive is the 14 times my name has NOT been drawn for the trip to Hawaii at work--don't worry. It's a timeshare donated to the city by the family of the man the city is named for. So, you might understand why I assumed I wouldn't win the free book, either.)


I won! And I found out I won only hours after I downloaded the book to my Nook


But someone else is going to benefit from my hastiness because Michelle still has my copy of the book to award ... and she's agreed to do it here.

So here's how it's gonna work.

All you have to do is comment on this post by 6:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (because that's the time zone I live in) on Wednesday, May 4th. I will then take the list of names to my office where my unsuspecting office clerk will be forced given the opportunity to draw someone's name from a hat (or probably a bowl, since I don't wear hats).

I'm not quite as sophisticated as some people online but I figure if you can have people draw straws to determine the winner in a tie for a city council seat, we can draw names out of a hat ... bowl.

Please note that Michelle has another book coming out on September 15, 2011-- MONARCH.

* I think I'm going to have to quit claiming that I don't win prizes, since I've won 3 books now on blog contests. I just hope that this sudden run of good luck carries over to being published. *crosses fingers*

Oh. My. Heck. I'm definitely going to have to change what I'm claiming about never winning. If you read the comments in my Blogging Challenge Z post, you can see I won something else. Woot!

I'm a winner!


  1. Oooh this does sound good. Sign me up.

  2. 3 books on blog contests, that's pretty lucky!!

  3. They imprisoned her fairy godmother?!? That's just wrong. :P

    Sounds like a great take on the old fairy-tale.

  4. Wow! Sounds like a great read!! Eep! Awesome giveaway!

  5. How neat that you're passing this on. :D I thought this book sounded awesome when I saw it on Robin and Michelle's books. (I'm a sucker for fairy tales.)

  6. Thanks, Donna, for hosting! I've spread the news around. :)

  7. Ooh I wanna win!! Sounds like a great read and thanks for sharing it with us Donna :)
    Ashley A

  8. i want to win it it sounds so good

  9. I love fairytale twists!! (Heck, I'm writing one...) So, this would be a fun read.

    Btw - I'm going down to Storymakers on Saturday only. Maybe we'll run in to eachother? :)

  10. This sounds soooo good! I wanna win.

    Hey! I'll be @ Storymakers this weekend. I hope to see you all there!

  11. When it rains, it pours! I hope some of that luck rubs off on me, too. :)

  12. Congratulations on the wins! Yay!

  13. I've been dying to read this book but haven't had the chance to buy it yet. Please enter me into the contest! :)

  14. WTG! Guess you might be more careful about buying items you have entered to win (at least until you know if you are one of the lucky winners.)
    The book sounds interesting, is family eligible?

  15. Of course family is eligible, Sis! I've got your name in twith the pool.

  16. I'd like a new book to read. ;)
    (Sorry if this ended up on here twice, I couldn't find my previous post.)


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