Friday, May 27, 2011

Are You Talking to Me?

With all the problems poor Blogger's been having lately, it's really messing with my head. Yesterday, my widget said I had 169 Followers. But then when I was going back and forth trying to visit the blogs of people who commented my blog (and replying to them), suddenly it said 170.

Cool. I love even numbers.

But then the next time I was on the page, it was back down to 169.


So did I offend someone?

Then it bounced up to 170 and down again to 169.

Okay, so was last night just the precursor to not being able to see a lot of peoples' Follower list at all today? Or was someone telling me something?

So, are you talking to me?

Were you the one who unfollowed me? Or was I just tired last night? Feel free to follow if you're not already. I'd love to know if the dang thing can go beyond 169 and stay there. =D

ETA: My friend Becky Taylor is having a giveaway. You might want to check it out here.


  1. My follower widget's completely disappeared. I think there's problems at blogger HQ. Seems to be a lot of it going round.

  2. My followers widget is blank this morning -- although I can see yours. Yesterday, my blog roll didn't work for awhile. The links all led to gibberish. Then it was fixed. Strange things going on at Blogger, I think.

  3. I agree with Mood. Bloggers been having serious issues. The number jumps have happened to me too, but it was a while ago, so it could be that someone unfollowed me. So I'll never know.


  4. How could you possibly offend're so personable.

  5. Blogger hassles. Urgh! I can't seem to follow new blogs I'm am finding and really liking!

  6. I'm not going ANYwhere. Love the blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Blogger has the flu. Lots of people have been shut out and can't log on. The other day it wouldn't let me log OFF. So strange.

  8. I'm here to stay, too!! I know what you're talking about, though... I can't see ANYBODY's follower widgets and it's been this way for several months, actually. I can see them on my phone, but not on my PC or laptop. Weird, right? Of course, up on the very top bar of any Blogger blog, next to the search window, is another option to "follow".

    I lost two since yesterday... it happens. :)

  9. Mooderino – I think it might be more than just Blogger. I have iGoogle as my home page and none of my gadgets work.

    Dianne K. Salerni – I was trying to edit a Blog account for a professional association through work, and the Follower didn’t show up. I can see mine but one else’s.

    Misha – I’ve never had the numbers change on me before. I’m just worried if Blogger’s doing the unfollowing, I could have some issues. Recently I changed the email address associated with this blog. I added the new one, but then my name appeared twice at the top. O_o So I deleted the other email address from this Blog. Unfortunately, all the people I’d been following disappeared to. I was able to go back and find some, but there are tons I no long have unless I add that old email address back in. *sigh*

    Becky Taylor – Ah, Becky. You’re sweet. You made my day.

    Rebecca Kiel – you can always copy their address and add them temporarily to your blog list. Once Blogger gets it worked out and you can follow again, you can delete those.

    Bryce Daniels – thanks! You and Becky, both. This is one of those thing I should print out and add to my Bummer Day file for when I’m feeling like a complete failure.

    L.G.Smith – it wouldn’t let you log off? Yikes. I certainly hope it’s something they can fix soon.

    Donea Lee – Thank heavens for phones. But that is too weird. As I mentioned earlier, I’m just worried that it may not be people actually unfollowing us. And it could be happening to those I’m following.

  10. The woes of Blogger. I am finding that I can see my followers and comment now using Safari or Foxfire, but IE is a total loss. It's frustrating!

  11. dont sweat it. happened to me too. either way it really isnt worth fretting over unless you lose a bunch. you have a great blo! look at all these nice comments =)

  12. Thumber -- Funny how different browsers react. Makes me wonder if there's a virus running around out there.

    Tara -- Thanks. I just don't want to have to hunt down my followers again.

  13. It wasn't me. Still a faithful follower :)

  14. Wasn't me. I can't see anyone's follower's list to follow or unfollow lol. I don't know what got Blogger in such a tissy but I sure wish it would get sorted soon.

  15. Nice to see you, Dafeenah! You're one of the people I was following and lost because of the email change.

    *heads over to your blog*

  16. My follower widget had disappeared too the last few days and everything was all wacky.

    I'm sure you'll get beyon 170 soon. :)

  17. Bad, bad blogger. I lost my followers for a while. Nothing showed up for them! So frustrating.

    I wouldn't be concerned about losing a follower; often it's because someone has stopped blogging altogether.

    Ellie Garratt

  18. Blogger seems to be in the middle of an epic fail. I visited a guy's blog last night and not only was his Followers widget gone, I also couldn't leave a comment. And he desperately needed a comment; he has just one on his blog. I'm a wisker away from switching over to WordPress. You should be able to just copy the html code for each post and paste it into WP. I've seen others do it. Only thing is, WP doesn't have any kind of Follower widget, which I guess matter much if Blogger's is always out.

    I've never complained so much about something that's free. lol

  19. Yup, some strange things have been happening with Blogger. No followers widget, can't comment at times and sometimes, it has no idea who I am, though I've logged in.


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