Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm going on vacation Thursday. To Ireland. With a dear friend.

Am I excited?

Well, is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Do bears go doo doo in the woods?


And Friday starts the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which I've signed up for. I've already got A-D posts written and scheduled (since I won't have access to the Internet those days). This should be an interesting exercise to see how quickly I can bore people to death.

Or not. You'll have to be the judge. =D

If you're interested in a great article written by small publisher Linen Press you should check it out. She takes you through her day and the process of choosing what to publish. It's very enlightening.


  1. Have fun! But of course you will. You're so on top of things having the first 4 posts done...I'm jealous and feel like a slacker.

  2. Have a great trip. Sounds cold, though. Brr...

  3. Again - SO jealous! I hope you have an amazing trip. Travel safe! :)

  4. I've checked weather.com. The weather in the three cities we'll be visiting (Shannon, Galway, and Dublin) will have highs ranging from the mid to low 50s with rain. Every day. I have a poncho, trenchcoat (windbreaker), and umbrella. =D Oh. And two pair of tennis shoes as we'll be doing a LOT of walking.

  5. OMGosh, you are so lucky! Have a great time in Ireland!

  6. Oooh, have fun in Ireland! I've always wanted to visit there! Maybe we'll get to see some pictures?

    I look forward to seeing what you do with your A-Z challenges!


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