Friday, February 4, 2011

"Buzz of Love" & Literary Couples

My friend Natalie Palmer is having a Valentines Day contest here about her book "Second Kiss", which is a YA romance. You ought to check it out--both her contest and the book.

And speaking about Valentines Day and romance and young adults, it made me think about some of my favorite and not-so-favorite literary couples.

I'll start with the less happy couples
  1. Andrew "Ender" Wiggins and Novinha (I absolutely loath this toxic relationship. Ender deserved so much better) from Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind.
  2. Catherine and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights
  3. Jacob and Renesme from Breaking Dawn (sorry, but that's just creepy even if it's innocent)
Couples I like:
  1. Jane and Rochester in Jane Eyre
  2. Anne and Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables
  3. Lucy and Nicholas in Moonrakers Bride
These are a few of mine. What are your's?


  1. Haha, Donna. I know there was a lot of fanfic about them as a romantic couple, but methinks Jo established that Remus is straight. ; )

  2. Anne and Gilbert!! SWOON!! Great choices for both!

  3. thanks for your link to my contest donna! that means a lot. also, i COMPLETELY agree with you about jacob and renesme (first of all i hate the name renesme.. don't even know if i spelled it right) and a teenager should never, ever, ever be in love with a toddler! i don't care how wolfish he might be.
    second, anne and gilbert are the best. i have to admit i've never read the books (i know, i know... i hate myself for it too) but i've seen the movies way more times than i can count. that gilbert sure set the standard for who i wanted to marry someday. :)

  4. My pleasure, Natalie. And you really should give the series a try. It's one of my favorites, and I read the entire series every couple of years. The books are SO much better than the movies, and the third movies was only loosely based upon the books. The war adventures belonged to their children, not Anne and Gilbert. And the book experiences were much more moving.


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