Saturday, February 26, 2011

LDS StoryMakers Conference

What a season this is to have so many writerly conferences and symposiums happening. It's exciting because there's so much to learn out there, and as I discovered at Life, the Universe and Everything there's a wonderful world of writerly folks all around me.

When I attended the UVU Book Academy last September I saw just a bit of it and was surprised that it wasn't just writers who attended the conference but book reviewers, publishers, animators, agents, and editors. So much networking going on and new friends to make.

If you're one of these folks and you love the world of books, in whatever capacity, you might want to consider checking out their schedule. You can click here or on the LDS StoryMakers Conference logo at the top of the blog.

I signed up to attend a couple of months ago, when I first heard about it from Robin Weeks. I added the Bootcamp session at her suggestion.

Anybody planning to attend?


  1. Wish I could attend! Too bad I'm out in California! Enjoy it, I hope you will post a little of what you learn afterwards!

  2. Bootcamp rocks! This year it's all in one day, the day before the conference starts--I think that will be better.

    Last year my drill sargent was Aprilynne Pike--so cool!

  3. Wow. I changed mine from middle grade to romance or woman's lit.

  4. I will hopefully catch some of it!

  5. Good to see you Brodi. Looks like they have a lot of good stuff scheduled.

  6. KW, I will certainly have a post. Thanks for checking in.

  7. It's sounds fabulous! I wish I could go! Maybe next time.


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