Monday, January 24, 2011

I Feel ... Pretty (no, that's a song) ... Stylish

Wow. Just wow. Guess what I got today?

Ian Bontems over at The Eye of a Little God kindly passed on his Stylish Blogger Award to me (and several other folks). You ought to click on over there and check out his site and his other recipients.

Of course, as with most things in life, it comes with a little stipulation. I have to share 7 things about me. It's kind of hard to think of 7 things that might be remotely interesting.

1.  I have six children (yours, mine, and ours--though I birthed five of them) and (nearly) seven grandchildren. I'm flying to Hawaii on Thursday to be with my daughter when she has the 'nearly' one, and I'm freakin' excited about it and seeing her other children. I wish it was easier to see my oldest son who lives in China with his wife and two children.

2.  I'm a Navy brat and spent my growing up years moving around. I was born on the East Coast and have lived in Arizona, South Korea, California (multiple times), the Philippines, Utah, and Wyoming before I did #3 below.

3.  I joined the Army and always felt like a traitor. My dad was career Navy, my older brother went to the Naval Academy, my sister joined the Navy and married a career Navy man. I was a closet Navy fan during the Army/Navy game. I lived in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Colorado (and Utah and California again).

4.  I was one of the first women assigned to my Signal Corp unit in Germany (Liz, the other woman, got there in the morning, and I arrived in the evening).

5.  I have taken college courses in every community I've lived in since I got my Associates Degree from BYU. I always thought I'd eventually get my Bachelor's Degree, but I may be taking a less traditional route to higher education according to Adam Heine.

6. I currently work for my city as the city recorder (most states call us municipal clerks). It's jokingly called the second oldest profession. I work with the city council, am responsible for the city's records (among other things), and serve as the city's election official--and it's an election year.

7. In 2005 I embraced my inner geek and admitted my Harry Potter obsession and joined the Leaky Lounge. Several months later I was invited to become a moderator there, and on March 31st I'll have been doing that for five years. I was fortunate to have been part of that incredible frenzy that was the two years before the release of Deathly Hallows. We would spend 3-4 hours every day just trying to keep up with everyone's theories. And Jo still managed to do so many unexpected things. I was interviewed on a local TV show about if I thought Harry would live--and I called it right. I said he would die but he would live.

Okay, so now I get to pass this lovely thing on to 15 blogs (I can count, but you know how it goes) I have recently started following (define recently).

*drum roll*  - in (kinda) alphabetical order:


  1. YAY! A hat-trick of Stylish Blogger Awards for me this week. I love awards season - although I'm still not sure about the Honest Scrap award I got.

    Congrats, Donna!

  2. CONGRATS on your award! :)

    And yay you for going to Hawaii...not a bad place to visit family! (considering it's been below freezing here for weeks, Hawaii is sounding pretty good right now)

    Enjoy your trip and visit and those palm trees. *dreamy sigh* :)

    Have a lovely week,

  3. i loved that donna! i had no idea you were so involved in the navy/army! i am flattered that you passed it on to me and will do my best to find some interesting things about myself to share! :) enjoy hawaii and say hi to the sun for me! (i haven't seen it in a while. :( )

  4. Congrats on the award, Donna. And thank you for passing it along to me. I'm flattered! (and thankful that you can't see how unstylish I look right now in my sweatpants, slippers, and my favorite holey sweater)

    Suzie - former LL RG butterfly :)

  5. Congratulations on your award! You've had an interesting life - I love hearing about other blogger friends like this.

    And thanks for the award! You'll never guess what my draft post for this weekend is and what I have you down for... ;)

    Have a great time in Hawaii!

  6. Natalie--I look forward to hearing about you.

    Same to you Suzie--gotta love those reading group butterflies, former or not.

    Kimberly, should I be worried? =D

  7. Thanks, Donna! My very first Blogger award! I feel so legit, suddenly.... :)

  8. This was great! I loved reading all those very cool and interesting things about you. Being a military brat myself, I can totally relate to all that moving (and how addicting it can be!)

    Thanks for picking me! I'll try to think of something interesting.

    Have a great time in HI! And blessings for an easy, healthy birth.


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