Friday, December 10, 2010


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I attended a blog party this weekend (I'd never heard of these before, but what a fun idea--and what I would expect from Donna Hosie anyway, clever girl she is--plus being the hostess with the mostest). Something struck me as I was checking out all these interesting literary (mostly) blogs.


As I spent quite a bit of Saturday working through a major rewrite of my WiP#1, it was particularly on my mind. You see, for the life of me, I cannot think of a title for it. WiP#2 had a title at conception, but not #1. My situation reminds me of the parents who cannot agree on a name for a new baby and call the child "Baby" for six months. I can't figure out the appropriate name for my baby (which I've been calling My Story for nine months--I know, even my holding name is pathetic).

With that on my mind I happened to open my blog this afternoon and saw my stunningly clever blog title (or not). Perhaps my problem goes deeper than the tale. Perhaps it's what we called when I was in the Army "Operator Headspace." (We didn't use it to refer to pilot error but rather the lack of brain in the headspace.)

I really should rename this blog. I wonder if I should call it "Baby."


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