Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Academy and The Big Read

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I'm starting to get excited about attending the Book Academy this Thursday at UVU. I printed out the presenter biographies, and they have a nice variety of people there in the form of authors, publishers, book sellers, and even agents, I think. Brandon Mull (Fablehaven series) is the keynote speaker. It's nice to know that in my relatively low populated state there is such a thriving publication industry.

Last week I attended a presentation at my local library by one of my favorite authors--Brandon Sanderson to launch the library's The Big Read program. Sanderson's a New York Times best seller in his own right, but he's also finishing the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan at the request of Jordan's widow (he died of cancer four years ago). When this was announced I decided I would like to read some of Brandon's work to see how I liked it. Love it! I'm in the process of reading his most recent work The Way of Kings and look forward to the next to last book in WoT which is coming out in November--Towers of Midnight.

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