Saturday, June 3, 2023

Hubby Update

 It's hard to believe it's been less than three months since my husband had four strokes over a couple of weeks. It seems like forever ago, as we're adjusting to our new reality. We've really been blessed because we saw many people in a much worse state who'd only had one stroke.

Stroke #2 damaged the short-term memory parts of hubby's cerebellum. That one hit the right side of his body. For a while it was completely numb, and he couldn't use any of that side. But it came back. Until Stroke #3 two days later. Now his right side from below his ear down to just above his ankle is numb.

BUT he still has use of this right side! Is that crazy, or what? His right side is not as strong as his left (he's right handed), but it's still really strong. He's a massage therapist and is still able to do massages. See what I mean about being blessed?

His short-term memory that was damaged is spotty. So, when we came home from the hospital, he could remember The Mandalorian (he's always had his priorities right), but he couldn't remember where we put the dirty clothes. πŸ˜ƒ The challenge here is that his recall isn't great. It will take time to rebuild neural pathways.

Stroke #4 damaged the other side of his cerebellum, this time the balance center. For the first few days after, he felt like one of those shopping carts with a bad wheel that always pulls to the side. Hubby kept trying to tip over to the right. That's much improved, and he's no longer constantly dizzy, but you can tell when he's feeling a little wobbly because he'll shoot his hand out to the side the balance himself.

A sliver lining to the numbness (meaning another blessing)--before the strokes, he was having terrible migraines. After seeing all kinds of doctors who eliminated heart, lung, and even brain, he had been referred to a bone doc who we saw after the strokes. 

See, he hasn't been having the headaches since the strokes. The doc said his upper spine is a mess and will eventually need surgery, and that probably was the cause of the migraines.

But the numbness is stopping the headaches!

We are so blessed. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of this. Following is a video I made of some pictures at a Memorial Day BBQ at our youngest son's house. What a blessing that hubby was able to be there! πŸ’–


  1. After four strokes that he's basically doing all right it indeed a blessing.
    Do they think they have the strokes under control with medicine?

    1. We hope so, Alex. As one of his docs said, he's shown he can stroke while on some pretty strong anti-stroke meds. Hopefully we have these under control now though.

  2. So you have been getting free massages from him all life long? LOL
    Wishing him recovery and health. Patients should usually take this as a sign to drastically change their diet and life.

    1. Right, Dezzy. He's convinced the has to take his statin meds for the cholesterol.

  3. So glad you can see the blessings in your husband's health challenges. I hope he continues to gain strength and hopefully make an even better recovery.


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