Saturday, August 24, 2013

Final Day - A Change of Plans Audiobook Giveaway Blog Tour

The Last Day!

The blog tour continues for my A Change of Plans audiobook. 
Don't forget there are TWO opportunities to win and TWO blogs to visit.
I'd like to thank all the awesome people who have helped out this week!

Date        Blogger    
24-Aug    Amber Argyle     
24-Aug    Shantal Session    

Here's a short sample of the book:



  1. Neither has posted yet but I will check back.

  2. even going on the weekend, better watch it or you'll soon be posting as much as the cat haha

  3. Now take a well deserved break - you've earned it.

  4. And since we know you won't take a break--get to work writing and revising on the other story ideas you have. :)

  5. Keep on keepin' on, Donna! You're definitely making the rounds.

  6. Yes, congrats on the Blog Tour, Donna, and I hope you get the chance to sit back and smell the roses - or at least a favorite meal - cooked by someone else :)

  7. It looks like a bunch of awesome hosts. Now that the tour is over, you can rest some.


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