Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Reflections on Reviews

Reading is such a subjective experience. I may absolutely love a book while my best friend is bored stupid with it.
Example 1: Mockingjay (the last of The Hunger Games series). Ugh. I loathed it! And many people did too. But just as many people loved it.
Example 2: Audiobook for my award-winning book Torn Canvas. The guy who did this was my dream narrator. When he reads the story, it sounds just like it did in my head as I wrote it.
  • One reviewer panned his performance because it was "melodramatic."
  • Another reviewer dissed it because they said he was "monotone."
The same book but an opposite reader experience. Neither is invalid. Readers experience what they experience.
But, because I understand this, if I cannot give a book at least three stars, I won't review it.
I recognize that I may have had a "melodramatic" or "monotone" experience with a particular book, but that doesn't mean the next person who reads or listens to it won't have a 5-star experience. But if I trash it, they may pass it up and miss out.
This happens to be my personal philosophy. I read 165 books last year (mostly listened to), and I've already done 25 this year. I haven't rated all of them.
Author Beth Revis wrote a humorous blog post that puts it in perspective and helps wounded authors recover from hurtful reviews. And there are always bad reviews no matter who the author is as, as Beth cites in her post.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

I Had a Book Baby!

When Gareth Hildebrand travels from the year 1850 to a future time,
he’s not expecting to fall in love.

As the eighth Earl of Kellworth, Gareth is accustomed to getting what he wants. Then he encounters a woman he suspects is from the future--a utopian future that he feels compelled to see. He intends to get what he wants, but it will involve dealing with fae magic. And that could lead to disaster--for his heart.

Dr. Catherine Ryan is drawn to the handsome guest at Twickenham Manor, with his odd combination of childish excitement and old eyes that have seen too much pain. She loses her heart to him before she discovers the truth of when he’s from. Now she faces the biggest decision of her life!

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